Dwayne posted a status
May 11
I haven't told anyone this since I've been going thru this ordeal. A few months ago I had this sudden urge that I needed to pay more attention to my grandparents who are in their 80's now. Not that I don't speak to them enough or see them, but just the fact that they are getting older. Well sure enough my grandmother had to have a colonoscopy done in the middle of April. She came home and was rushed back to hospital 3 days later. The doctors waited about a week before deciding to have emergency surgery on her to remove an infection she had in her colon. Well its been a month and my grandmother has not awakened from that procedure yet. The emotions that I feel are confusing sometimes and when I'm alone I'm hit hard. I am new to this term "empathy", but this is also something I practiced and never knew I was doing it. It helped take away my worryness as I'm a Libra as well..lol...Balance is key. Since this has happened and the accuracy of what I felt, it has frightened me, but I am learning to become stronger with it.

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