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Psychic vampirism

          What is psychic vampirism? In the following post I will try to explain what a psychic vampire is and where the term came from.

    A psychic vampire is a person or being who feeds off the “life force” of other living creatures. There is no medical recognition or scientific consensus supporting this claim. That being said I know that there is a lot of things that science can not explain other than actual experience of the person. In a 2007 survey carried out upon people claiming to be vampires, either psychic or sanguinary (blood drinkers) that showed evidence of a higher than normal incidences of certain illnesses and conditions such as anemia, fibromyalgia, and hemophilia. Weather or not they actually suffer from such conditions was not evaluated by medical professionals. So that being said we could say it is all in your mind.. Now don’t get mad, I’m not saying these people are crazy for everyone’s personal experiences and beliefs can not be ignored for there is great distrust and fear within the spiritual community of these psy-vamps. Most psy-vamps, can not sustain its own energy so it needs to feed on energy from outside itself, that’s what makes a psy-vamp what it is there chi energy is leaking out and needs a continual supply of energy to make up for what is lost. Through this I hope to ease some of this fear with understanding of what a psy-vamp is and isn’t. my hope is through understanding and tips to protect yourself the fear and miss conceptions of vampires will ease your mind.. There are many categories of vampirism, so lets get started..

  The first type is the “grazer”. this type tend to enjoy places like malls, theaters and places with lots of people around and feed off the energy that is extra and floating around those areas. This type is not dangerous for they only feed on what the “crowd” is not using. They are the ones that when you are having a bad day and they show up you start to feel better and brighter., they generally prefer a particular type of energy however, and probably would find it difficult to feed online because they don’t target the energy, there more like vacuum cleaners, they suck up what is around them rather than seek it out. Most of this type don’t even know themselves they are psy-vamps. The issue with this type is if they develop a taste for negative emotions. Fear anger and control, this is when they become a threat to others, and could become the emotional type of psy-vamp.

  The second type are Elemental vampires, they are just what the name suggests, they feed on the elementals, water, air, fire, trees, sun, and moon. For an example a water elemental psy-vamp, the flow of water energizes them and calls to them as there source of energy and well being. These types are harmless to humans for they prefer nature over human emotion and “life force”. these types though could have evolved from the grazer, and can evolve more into the emotional type, depending on how well fed they are.

  The third type is the emotional vampire, they have a refined taste for specific emotions, and as they feel the need for energy, they frequently find a place with the highest amount of the emotion that suits there taste, some have refined there hunting practices to target certain people that fill there need. One example of a emotional vampire that cant find the emotion they need they will go online, to chats or to places that have lots of people and start a fight with someone, or create a poor me atmosphere so other will feed them. As they refine there hunting you will often find that they will continue to target those that are easy for them to excite. So if you feel that someone is just causing drama because it makes them feel better you may be right. Generally this type is harmless and may not know they are a psy-vamp, but they understand the way the emotions make them feel and can become dangerous the more “addicted” they get to the particular type of energy. Once this happens they tend to get better at manipulating the situation to create that emotion they need to feed on. This type is also in the same category of sexual vampirism. The sexual vampires feed on sex energy, and can become predators if they are not being satisfied in there relationships. This goes for the blood drinkers too, it offers a high and a physical means to gain “life force” as blood is what keeps us alive. Most blood drinkers teeter between the third type and the fourth, when they have a donor its very similar to the dominion having there renfield.
  The fourth type is what I call the Dominion. They dominate others, and are often the dictators, that disguise themselves as angles, demons, gods, monsters, prophets, and harbingers of death. They literally suck out the life chi energy of others. They use the means of physical contact, psychic, astral contact in there feeding. The Dominion often has a “renfield’ (often a bff, or a confidante) this renfield is the back up of the Dominion when there energy is low and cant find a good source of “food”. how this happens is the Dominion gains the trust of there renfield than drains him so much of energy then makes a statement such as “I’m going to die or leave” which would make the renfield’s life seem pointless, so that in his anguish at being alone, abandoned and helpless, he would take the only action available to a depressive. The
Dominion will literally drive the renfield to the point of suicide, than either save the renfield in the nick of time or allow it to happen so that it can feed off all the energy that is connected to the renfield’s depression. And than starts the cycle over again. Most fabricate a reason to fall into depression again to gain the renfield’s affection and aid, when a renfield is lost the Dominion often has a backup all ready in place incase of escape or death of there renfield. The Dominion is not always emotionless to there prey, some do tend to go through depression themselves when they loose a source, they are human after all.
There is a fifth type of psy-vamp, but I will get to that in a moment. The protection against the emotional, and Dominion type psy-vamps, is to make it impossible to separate your negativity from your positive emotions.. I know easer said than done, but here is a tip, when someone tries to evoke an emotion in you lets say anger, recognize it and push it away, only you can control your anger and if you don’t give thought to anger you will not be angry and there for not a meal and the vamp will move on. If someone calls you a bad name u can choose to ignore it or tell them flat out “I know myself well enough to know that is not true, and you cant influence me into a fight, I am stronger than that.” than ignore the person or move away from them. It is us that give them this power over us and the only way to stop it in its tracks is to not allow it into your life. A simple shield of a flowing energy that swirls around like a river will help keep most at bay, and most likely will keep you from ever being fed on. There is many ways to keep emotions and your energy in check to protect yourself against even the most practiced adversary.

  Even now in this day and age most psy-vamps who admit to there vampirism celebrate there “gift” rather than realizing there is a problem, and work toward healing there chi leak, and are difficult to read on a psychic level for they are good at hiding there true nature. This is especially the case for emotional and dominion types. For the grazers and elementals generally don not need to hide there nature because they don’t need people to feed off of. You can tell when someone is a pay-vamp by watching them interact with there friends, if they appear to be the one everyone gravitates around yet is always the center of attention even though friends are suffering in some way, (that friend that is suffering is often ignored) you may have a vamp and can go through the categories and find what fits… please don’t go around accusing people of being a psy-vamp, this is not to help others go on witch hunts, it is for you to be prepared to deal with one if you ever need to.
Now for the fifth and last type of psy-vamp, this type is said to not exist because they work in complete secrecy. It is a rare thing to know one as they never reveal there true nature for that puts them in extreme danger. They are known as the complex psy-vamp, and as the name suggests they are complex. This type feeds on love, the sacred love, this love is in abundance and only the complex can access it directly. The complex don’t have the chi leak the other psy-vamps have, so they can give of the energy just as freely as they absorb it. Other vampires can sense this power and attempt to drain the energy from the complex, the Dominion is especially dangerous to this type for draining the very life out of it is to claim its power for their own. This type also is not a danger to anyone for it never takes anything that is not freely given, and can use there energy to heal and help others when in need. I like to think of them as a mothers unconditional love of there children, they don’t care what you have done, who you are, or where you have been they will love you anyway. It is a privilege to have one in your life even if you may never recognize there true nature.
As with anything of the spiritual nature of beings, understanding your own nature can be very useful to your own growth. Being honest with yourself is the first step of defense against any being psy-vamp or not. Give some of these “vamps” a break most don’t even know they are one, and as I have seen in my own experience that about 90% of the population are psy-vamps in one way or another, the key is to be kind to others and don’t treat them like trash just because they are a vampire, for you may be one yourself.
Thank you all who have read this whole thing.

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past lives

The angel years.

through i've had many lives on earth, i've also had lives off earth. the void of light that consumed me before my first experience on the earth realms were very clouded by the fact that some 10 thousand years had passed. Each time i have lived in a new body the past has a way of slowly disappearing along with the small memories that held little importance. though memories fade i have held onto a name that seemed very important to me however it held many other concenquences. The name i was given was and always was Ecclasia which i understand that the spelling of this is wrong by todays standards yet i do have the spelling correct for my name. This name was aslo confirmed by a few arch angels by the name of Urial, Raphael, Michael as well as Rogael. This has been a pretense of my journey of discovery.

Angels has been present in all my lives so i had to set the intention to learn all i could about them. While many feel the hierarchy is thus recorded in the bible it does not hold all there is as well as i remember the statuses of angelics are way different than most believe. 
As an angel none of us had free will, which seems cruel by human standards but was necessary for their roles and jobs. If an angel was to have free will they would be able to choose to do their job or not. This would leave many holes in the scheme of things. 
 Once an angel choose free will they would fall from grace and their light because that would mean they could no longer do their job effectively. Once we leave the light we loose our energy that fed us and we would fall into depression until we find a way to feed ourselves with light.

My experience as part of this light was dull to say the least. I didn't have to worry about anything because there was no worry, no sadness, joy was bathing in light which was joy yet joy without understanding of what joy was. This was why i had so much trouble with understanding emotions even though i could feel them and have them myself. They seemed dull yet overwhelming at the same time. 
Living in the light was and will always be where i want to be. I have my duty, yet i can choose to do it now, even though i do it anyway. many times i have recited that old addage "duty before self", it has been my mantra though i know even before i came to be human i wanted to stick to that. It may seem harsh to an outsider yet it makes perfect sense to me. 
 We live in bondage yet not knowing that keeps order on the reasons the light bore angels in the first place. It is for us to keep the dark at bay not destroy it, as well as aid others selflessly. This does not mean we will help if the help is against the grand design, thus why free will should not have been given so loosely to those who could upset the balance of this universe.

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past lives

Past lives

The temple of Isis.

The temple was not very big as most would have thought. Only girls were allowed inside the temple unless it was a very special person. It was a great honor to have one of your children serving in any temple in those days. The family that had a young girl chosen would be treated with more respect and given better earnings for their jobs. 
The children would be selected around the age of 4 to be taken into the temple to learn about the gods as well as meditation. Those who were especially good at their learning would become a priestess around the age of 12. Once one became a priestess they would be in charge of teaching the younger ones as well as bring offerings in from the gates. The gates had two sets of doors with a small outdoor area before the doors to go outside the temple grounds. One was never allowed to leave the temple once inside because it was thought that outside the walls were impure.

I had just woke in this new body and was about three years old. I was in a work house for children that had no families. While walking past the gates of the temple someone bumped into me and I found myself face first in the ground at the feet of a priestess. She took pity on me and took me in as an offering to the goddess. The moment the high priestess laid eyes on me she sent me into training to become a priestess. It was very un heard of for one so young being part of the order let alone chosen to be one of those who would be chosen to be high one day. 
Every night before sundown we all would gather to eat bread and drink sweetened water. After the meal as the sun sank into the world all were required to meditate till there was no light left. Late at night the walls seemed to hum with a vibration that was otherworldly. 
Once I was seen to have mastered meditation and the arts of divination I was allowed to start learning herbs with the high priestess and greeting the Pharos (pharos were actually the women head of households not the "kings") that came to worship the goddess. The Pharos came to ask for fertility and the wellbeing of their households. Some came for universal news of famine that could destroy they way of life for the lands. 
Gods would come down and grace the temple with their wisdom. Only those who were worthy were allowed to set eyes on these gods. They would sometimes choose a priestess to ascend with them (which often times meant sexual connections as they viewed virgin priestess vessels for the goddess Isis). 
A great famine happened and many died then the plagues came. Death was everywhere and even the temple was not spared. Offerings stopped coming in and we were starving to death. The younger children went first as they were not as strong as some of the older ones. I can remember the smell of death that filled the halls of the temple. Though I do not remember my death there I do surmise starving was the reason. 
I never got to meet Isis myself yet the high priestess often times would say she visited, telling us what to pray for next. It seems to me that this strange place was partly connected to the gods yet it was more of a way for the Pharos to connect to their goddess in a way that made them feel much better about their own rolls in the life they lived. 

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