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The Empath Social Community (Part of the Empath Zone Group)


There is no finer moment...Welcome to this social site for Empaths, Psychics and spiritual people.

This is a community, not just for Empaths, but for anyone who is after support, knowledge or general information on being an
Empath or psychic.

Here you will find many features that are geared towards creating a safe, robust and dynamic social environment such as:

Community: Where you can join, integrate with others and share your posts, ideas and questions.
Blogs: Your own personal blog section. Share what's on your mind.
Groups: Topic specific groups where you can share your own experiences or ask questions.
Forums: General discussion about what's on your mind.
Articles that explore topics such as Empaths, Paranormal, astral worlds, walk-ins, etc.

You can access these features from the top menu.

Who we are.

At Empath Social, we attempt to cover all the aspects of spirituality and the metaphysical world.
Our mission is to create a safe space for discussing all topics without ridicule or embarrassment.

Topics may include, but won’t be limited to subjects such as:

Indigo, crystal and rainbow children
The hidden astral world
Your and other people’s experiences and stories
Coping technique
Emotional and trauma (PTSD) methods of healing

What makes us different?

There are many sites out there now that cover this subject so why choose to be part of this one? There are some very good reasons for joining.

We are not new at this. We have been supporting Empaths and psychics since the early 2000s.
Our knowledge does not come from a book. It comes from years of experiences.
Our admin have an abundance of knowledge and personal experiences.
We know how to deal with psychic attacks, demonics, negative beings, soul contracts, etc.
We know you’re not crazy, even if you feel you are. Understanding and validation is key to learning how to cope.
We have decades of experience in emotional and psychic healing.
While we encourage everyone to be themselves, we have a zero tolerance for trolls and those who attack others.

Some history

In around 2002, I noticed that whenever I mentioned Empaths, people would always ask me: What is an Empath?
At the time, there was no information on this subject online.
Eventually, rather than give an answer every time, I put the information on my website.

Over the next few years, I noticed that out of all my pages, the Empath page was getting hits in tens of thousands.
Eventually it dawned on me that maybe there was a need
for more information, so I began to create support groups, forums, chat rooms, detailed websites and blogs and a community.

Over the years, I created many sites but found them limited. Eventually my Ning group reached its limits several times over and
I wasn’t prepared to pay double for more members on a website that had poor support and updates.
I decided that it was time to build a site from the ground up and as always, it’s a work in progress.