Do you love writing? How about poetry?

Feel free to share your works here amongst friends.

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  • Ive been writing my whole life.. I have books upon books of poetry. And now I use fb a lot bc its simple and there. I love it its my passion.
  • I've needed an outlet to just get things off my chest so I started a writing blog:
    Feel free to check my stuff out. It's mostly channeling my feelings as an empath. Comments are always appreciated. :)
  • I have been writing for six years and enjoy it as it tends to relax my when I'm ina bad mood. I usually prefer writing poetry over writing my stories.
  • I was wondering if you can submit your work right here or is their other places to submit it?
  • I have always loved creative writing and poetry. I was never good at writing poetry but I love reading them.
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