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  • Im an Empath An recently I'm learning how to control energies An protecting, calming taking control of situations. Lots more. Ive found a great group of others alike, so I don't feel crazy alone.
    Im allowed to be me, instead of my usual hiding. Trying to control my difference. Im still learning an loving my journey.
  • Hello! I just recently found out that I am an empath. I am wondering if anyone had any reputable websites where I could order crystals? Thank you in advance!
  • Hello everyone! New to the site, semi new to the idea of being an empath ( stumbled on the term a few years back), but have had abilities since i was a child. My abilities have gotten stronger lately and i am trying to gain a new control of them all. I used to be able to shield myself well and had a good control on my energy then past month i had a sudden surge of new abilities and then all my past ones i feel are going a little out of wack too. Like for example i cant shield myself anymore since i began having premonitions and visions. Anyways, thankfully i found this page because could really appreciate the guidance and support as well as the sense of community..
    • Use other resources. Crystals, smudging, meditation oils.. dont block these new gifts, then u would feel more out of control. Breathe an take one at a time
  • Hi I'm new here, I'm Hayley great to see so many other like minded people. I have had many hardships, trauma, PTSD, but gradually coming through the other side, Ive found my love of writing and singing and being creative. I'm feeling a bit lonely, as Ive moved in a house alone, I have God but it would be lovely to meet a man who really understands my super sensitive nature. I also have become secluded as I get depressed by public emotions. I wonder if anyone could advise me on work that is good for them, I have tried all jobs and feel im too sensitive and come away ill, also in the past my ungrounding has caused me to be raped and taken advantage of, how can I stop putting myself in danger. Also how did you meet your husbands, as I find the men that meet me just want sex and not marriage.thankyou sorry its long! x hayley
    • Hey, I just found this too, shielding techniques
      also, message me if you want!
      How to Magically Ground, Center, and Shield
      In many Pagan traditions, grounding, centering, and shielding are techniques that form the basis of energy work - and eventually, of magic itself.
    • I am new too, and new to the whole empath thing, its so interesting, to find out that you aren't alone in this. everyone on here talks about setting boundaries which has been really hard for me my whole life, and its interesting that I was actually working on doing that the past month or so, then I just started researching the empath stuff afterwards, and shows me why it is so important, and hard at the same time for me to do so. Sounds like you need to do the same. Just learning to love myself and not let others effect me has been helping me immensely. How do we not let it affect us? I am working on that one, but I have found it usually starts with my thinking. If I find myself thinking/feeling differently than who I am as a person, I stop and breath and re-direct my thoughts and feelings. Staying present helps, which is another thing I was working on before finding all of this out. If I need some time to figure out whats going on inside of me, I find a quiet place alone and slip away, to a bathroom or back room where no one can interrupt my process, then I sort it all out there, and go back refreshed as possible.
      Notice what thoughts and feelings come up inside of you, and try to compare them with how you are as a person, are they yours? or someone elses? I wait tables and has been very hard for me to stay in my own mindset, but I stayed with the job because I could tell that it was challenging me as a person and making me come out of my shell, being more outgoing. Now, 15 years later, I am 30 and still doing it, but I am much better at staying in my own positive mindset, not to say I don't have more than normal outbreaks of emotion. I go cry in the bathroom a lot lol. I get to work as late as possible, and leave as early as possible. One thing that helped me was finding a job with very short shifts, and an ability to choose when I want to leave. When it is slow and they start getting rid of servers, I am always the first to volunteer to leave, even if it has only been an hour lol. Not always the best for money, but I feel I have a way out if things start to get icky. The key is limiting your exposure, yet still stepping out of your comfort zone as much as possible, and seeing how far you can go, practicing your skills, what works for you and what doesn't.
      You can go to nature for grounding, walk around barefoot helps a lot, feel the earths energy connecting to yours. Take a shower to clean off bad vibes. Spend time alone, journaling or doing a hobby, or just simply thinking.
      As for men, I feel like we will never meet the right ones, until we feel complete internally. THis means loving yourself, taking care of yourself, listening to what your needs are and acting on them. too often we go looking for people to complete us when we are not ready for that. Don't be so eager to meet men. the right one will come when the time is right! Men who take advantage, can see when girls like us look weak, cuz I do it too. Stay strong inside of yourself, don't compromise on what you want, if something seems not right, it probably isn't. trust your instinct! If we are too eager to meet men, we will accept things that we wouldn't normally accept. You are special, you deserve someone special, he isn't gonna be in every guy, but he is out there somewhere. Be patient. Its hard, I know, I have the same problem! hope I could help!! Oh and I am lonely a lot too. Most of the world thinks differently than we do, so don't be too eager to meet people or you could let dangerous ones into your life. This is what I have found out from people on here, because I was trying too hard to make friends. its hard to be lonely. but you can get on here and meet people. that will probably help.
  • Would love to chat and share stories anytime. New to the site. New to the empath term but not abilities. Very open and believe were all pieces to a greater puzzle.
  • I'm new to this site. However not new to being an empath. Is anyone still on this site? I would love to chat...
  • If you come across this message and it intrigues you, feel free to make contact..
    I'm liv, 16 and am from the UK. I don't know if I am an empath, people who know me seem to think so and I do feel this too. I also have a inner sense of higher purpose. I researched rainbow, crystal and indigo children and i do feel as if i am one of those, but to put a sure label on myself is one thing i cannot do. I need to find my circle and community of people who are happy to help me as much as i am happy to help them. self growth and realisation but through other people. I have no 'special gifts' that come to light, I believe everyone has these 'gifts'. But threw the balance/inbalance of chakras and the type of energy we are surrounded with and grew up in depends how surfaced these 'gifts' are. for example, i have a high sensitivity of intuition.. nut i have never seen a ghost. (note that i did not say HAVENT BEEN IN THE PRESENCE OF).
    If you feel you want to make contact with me or find anything i have said interesting please do:)
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