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  • Oh boy. Am I having a freak out moment. I hope someone is here in this space to respond. I have have recently dmv r avwd the psychic intuitive and empathic gifts I have been given but struggle to deal with the explosion of experiences I am having.and right now I am getting chills and I am scared. I will not be able to sleep. Its 300 in the morning here. I have been awoke by something. Struggling to find out what has been waking me ( at about 3 to 4 am for the last 3 nights) . llistening to the creepy silence in the house I start to hear an eerie chanting. It gets slightly louder.and louder still by the stairs to the upper level. No one has been upstairs in a week and I can hear a faint snore from the other person in the bedroom downstairs. This other person has also said that they have been awoke from time to time during the same time of the morning through the years. It sounds like American Indian chants with some kind of swarm music but not melodic. Almost a synthesized organ time like it were coming from a giant hollow tube. Over a human sounding melodic kind of moaning. What do I do. I can't I'm near this
  • As of 9/12, the chatroom is up and running. Chat has been moved from psi-zone.net to empathsupport.com. The empath guidelines have also been revamped, so please review them under the "Chat Guidelines" tab.
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