For anything and everything to do with dreams, from sharing your dreams to asking for interpretations as well as visions and precognitive dreams.

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  • Please reach out if you've had a similar experience: Lately I've been having lucid dreams of a 'different life' on another plane. IE: In this other life I just went through a divorce with my Ex, even though I am happily married to someone else. The strangest thing to me is that it feels normal and I never question it.
  • Hi, I keep dreaming of spiders and trying to clear webs. Anyone know what that could mean?
  • Mos of my nightmares have to do with some version of the end of the world. In a very few I didn't know anyone except when I was dreaming I seemed familiar with them it was when I woke that I realized I don't know who they were. Or for that matter, who I was. They are all different dreams with similar themes. I've read interpretations about end of the world dreams. But those just don't feel right. Wish I had a personal interpretation. What do you guys think?
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    • Do you think they're past love memories?
    • Thanx. Where offline would I find those? If you know.. Thanx again.
  • I'm having trouble with my nightmares I know these one are different but I can't interpret them. There is something very menacing and foreign about them and are very powerful is there anyone who can help me interpret these dreams
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