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Spiritual growth w) life partner

Looking for guidance on balancing continued growth and enlightment while being with a life partner. My fiancee i feel is my twin flame, and if you know of twin flames, you know the amount of growth that occurs when you find them if youre so blessed to find them in this lifetime, so i personally deep down know that our awakenings are together. But my fiance, also an empath, is struggling with things that arise (emotional struggles) that he feels may be pushing him backwards in his growth. I feel he can only heal from his past that mainly stem from hurts of pasty relationships and current ones, that holds back his enlightment, through being in a safe relationship, not avoiding it by being single and celibate like he once was. Though i dont want to knock celibacy, its a great tool for some to utilize to grow, but based on my own premonitions, i have come to believe the things he struggles with me are the things that continue to hold back his abilities and strengths.As a couple we love each other deeply, we want to be with each other for life, we know all the beauty that comes with our relationship, and we bring so much growth, knowledge and joy to each others life but we are struggling finding that balance between our continued step forwards to our growth and not allowing our past hurts that are resurfacing, to hinder that growth. Basically, we are doing our best not to take any steps back wards. We could really use some guidance, advice, a reading on our relationship and/or even a spiritual leader to aid us in this journey to speak with regularly, would be appreciated.

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