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Possession or insanity

Ok, well, I have not had fear of any spirit not fallowed with extream empowerment and courage for 20 years. Demonic possession is the only thing that can make me flinch, but with the minor experiences I've had, the most recent was watching a loved one blink in and out and what frightened me was suddenly something else was staring back out at me, I initially experience a high level of fear and dread but in a second it's fallowed with this power rising rapidly on the inside of me filling me with unbelievable courage, the fear subsydes and I engage. In that experience it almost imedeatly left and the loved one came to but was over taken by extreme exhostion and chills, had to wrap the loved one in 3 blankets and lay the loved one down only to come to an hour later with no recollection. So. I said all that so I could explain this; I haven't had any dreams for the 7 years of celibacy which just got broken like 2 months ago. At first before my fionse now I dated a wich, started dreaming again but terrifying dreams of demonic possession, demons, extreme evil. In all of the dream experiences I was victorious, but now, here's the thing, I've never in my 38 year's of life ever had sleep peralises or anything like it or any experience involving the "old hag syndrome". Before I left the Wich I had a dream where I couldn't open my eyes no matter how hard I tried, I was terrified and thought it was real life, in the dream I ran to my bed and covered myself completely with the blanket, then, I realized I was dreaming, suddenly the fear evaporated, and that power and courage rose up in me, I felt a presence and with every muscle in my body I tried to move and open my eyes but I couldn't so I tried harder I even started grunting in real life, as soon as I could speak I cursed it, then as my eyes were opening I saw a muscular horned figure in my room, then I broke free and could move again but the entity was gone. One of the ways I know a demon is around is the sudden chill of fear and when I close my eyes even just to blink I see things, mainly normal people and animals, but then their eyes either start glowing or their faces transform demonicly. Now, I'm no longer with the Wich, and a very close loved one in my life I suddenly one day sensed in their depression a dark figure, I focused on it and did my own home made cleansing on this person shifting this entity to me to channel this negativity that was draining very badly this person., The next day I awoke sick from head to toe, ready to puke and filled with unbelievable lusts for food, sex, you name it. It whent away that same day completely, and this person admited a strong change in this person's experiences for the better the next day, but now, im terrorized every night with nightmares that effect my energy all day long putting me in a funk, and I'm starting to have more of these experiences with demonic entities visiting me as I fall asleep or in my sleep trying to paralyze me, but I fear something more sinister, I fear they are trying to possess me now. I've had a lot of experience dealing with my own demons and those that would come for me, but I never took on someone else's demons, this is the first time I ever tried shifting someone else's demon onto my path. And aperantly it worked unless it just happens to be some coincidence, I've never even thought of doing that, ever, but this person really means everything to me and seeing this person fall into this darkness, I mean, you can't call it depression, it's a very supernatural state they would go into and I didn't want to see it again. Am I just imagining all of this? Did I take on something I really shouldn't have? Do you think I need to fear demonic possession? What do these dreams mean? What's happening? (In your opinion or by your personal reading)

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  • Well in regards to demonic possession complex scenario: its a two way street, infact your in a stronger position than the demon. As the demon requires you to "surrender" to it.
    Where as the demon is "wide"surrendered open to you in every way imaginable to be able to "enter" posses etc.
    So in this if you know how to Sazen or achieve internal peace you can sense there own presence through feeling.

    I am talking about becomming a type of "Bug Zapper" that is highly attractive & provide's all that is essential to "that predator" however the "Inertia" of your centre is such that through the predatory "attention" or emotional draw the demon would have it cannot escape your centre horizon & you essentially now have balanced the imbalanced force into a balance enviroment essentially revitalizing once what a demon and making it whole again.

    To attain this understanding required serious.. enviromental conditoning from these exact circumstance & involving... circumstances beyond consideration allows me to rememmber! lolz... so may you use this well and may you not know the experiences which enabled this wisdom.

    • That was amazing, very insightful and a confirmation to the advice given to me threw my wife, a dear friend on (if you sign up look for me and my wife, my wife on here is J9mama, she would love to hear from you and on star nation's . Me I am Anthony or Balibarong and my wife is J9 Durfey) and now you. Thank you for your response and I don't mean to sound ungrateful but I would like to further a friendship with you and discuss more of this, would like to learn as much as possible from you.

    • Thanks... Are you one of the teachers? 
      Or how did you come to know about that site.
      If i may pry

    • My wife found it maybe a week ago. We love this sight but there is not enough community here, we post and it all seems to go unseen. So I told her we need to find another sight like this, and she found starvation', it's a wonderful sight, unlike Facebook where you can drown your ego and fall into unconsciousness, starvation' is like a Facebook for people like us where we can delve into conciousness and as well help others. In some ways I am a teacher. And in so e ways I am a student. Knowing we know nothing is one of my first steps to knowing anything. My wife is an empath as well as me, we both have been performing our abulities all our lives never being conciouss of what we were doing, just before we met, she had discovered she was an empath, when we met she was convinced I was an empath as well, i, deep in my darkness or unconsciousness thought she was crazy, but she had healed years of damage in weeks, I took multiple "am I an ampath" tests and googled the attributes of empaths and low and behold, all I have been doing all my life was 95% of what an empath is, 8 became conciouss and conciouss of my nature and have been growing since but we are both still learning and strengthening our abulities. is a premium name - but it could be yours!
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