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Two vital energy resources if you are highly sensitive

Two vital energy resources if you are highly sensitive

If you easily feel others' emotions than two things are very important:

to let go of what is not yours so that your emotions and energies that you can lose've picked up during the day others again;
you keep your energy in yourself.

That second point is often forgotten.

Often we are very focused on the other person and what we feel the other. The key seems to lie in shielding or protecting our energy so we feel less of the other either in the immediate release of what we feel that we are what we feel equal to lose again.
Dealing with what you feel from others

There are many ways to better deal with what you feel from others. The important thing is that you are well grounded that you know what others feel right back to give to the earth. You can do this when you notice that you've picked up something from others, or at fixed times of the day (eg when you come home from work). I use a combination of both because that works best for me.

In temporary situations, for example if you unexpectedly have to deal with strong emotions of someone else, you can optionally set up a protection: you become very aware of your energy and as a shield keep the emotion of the other 'outside'. However, this takes a lot of energy, works only if you are well grounded and is not intended to be used continuously.

Eventually, you learn to be yourself so hard that you know what others feel, you feel no resistance and also affects equal lost again. It remains no longer 'stick' or hanging out in your energy. You feel it, but you do not bother.
Keep your own energy together

Dealing with what you feel from others is one half of the puzzle. Keep your own energy together and in yourself is the other half of the puzzle.

Many (high) sensitive people with their energy everywhere and nowhere. They are constantly what is happening around them, who are around them and what the people around them feel, think and say. They are actually much more involved with the other than himself.

If you are anywhere and everywhere with your energy then you run very fast empty. This often manifests itself in fatigue and a sense of vulnerability. Like every little thing from the outside you can throw off balance. And that it can also sometimes. It is also a huge energy drain and it can feel like you're through all your energy at the start of the day (and then you have the whole day). I know the feeling and it is not pleasant. Fortunately, you can do something about it.
A comparison…

Think of a glass of water. The water here is a symbol of your power. If you have water in a glass, you can do something with it. You can drink it. It is held together and thus you can use it.

If you turn a glass of water creates a large puddle. Water is everywhere and nowhere, like you're everywhere and nowhere with your energy. You can not drink the water, you can not. Because it is no longer together, you can not use it anymore.

The same happens with your energy. If you can keep your own energy to yourself then you are like the glass of water. You got yourself together, you can use your own energy and you walk out empty. You have no energy leaks. The moment you are still others with your attention, your time to your glass, you spread your energy and walk empty. Or something more subtle: for example, if you're still in one person with your attention you create a hole in the glass and running your energy slowly away and you feel at the end of the day empty and uitgeput.HSP - it- importance-of-peace
How do you keep your energy together?

Energy follows your attention. Bring your attention outward, then your energy with it. To keep your energy together is important that you:

- Are aware of the size of your energy. Your energy is like an egg around you, to an arm's length away from you on all sides. This is actually quite a large space, and that space you can fill up all of your energy.

- Are aware of the limits of your energy: where you stop and the outside world begins. That limit is if the glass where the water is in, as long as you stay within that limit your energy, you are not empty and you have access to all of your energy and strength.

- Withdraw your energy lines. Imagine that you all lines of energy (attention) are outstanding from your body. For example, you still think the conversation with your boss yesterday, you worry about your mother and you are actually still half your attention to your child at school. All these things create an energy line between you and that person or situation. That energy lines may be revoked.
An exercise:

Try it: close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and observe where you stand your energy. What comes to your mind? Maybe you see the power lines. Maybe you become aware of where or with whom you have your attention. Then imagine that you retract all that energy so that all your energy back to yourself.

The first time doing this exercise, it can be an intense experience. You have, as it were 'deferred maintenance' leaving to retrieve a lot of energy. But if you make this a habit than it ever small adjustments that you need to do. You can then continue to better your attention and energy on yourself so you have fewer problems with what you feel from others. You have more energy and attention on the here and now and you can keep better balance. Irene Langeveld

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