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The spiritual heart

he spiritual heart
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The spiritual heart

It happened in the morning. During my waking from deep sleep. I woke up, everything was silent in me and a profound peace was palpable. Suddenly I saw and felt a thought coming up from the right side of my chest. This went up to my head and poof ... there came the thought. Gone was the silence. I knew at that time, but I had discovered the spiritual heart. I noticed that after I was under a kind of "hypnosis". It was not quite a hypnosis because I could see it. And I thought, hey, I've discovered something very important. What is that place on the right? I knew intuitively, this is how everyone wakes up every day and every day ends up in the trance of "thinking". From that moment I was alert. Alert on how energetic thoughts arise and make a route in your body.
This energetic perceive I converted into a concrete image you see above in this blog gets. For years, I got to see an image of three hearts were connected, but I did not understand this. Until I discovered the heart to the right and fell the last puzzle piece in place.

by Tamara Brook
The spiritual heart, the "missing link" in the ascension

Not much later I was given by someone on a YouTube video of Ramaji a spiritual teacher from San Diego. I decided to watch the video and to my surprise he described exactly the experience I had weeks before. So there was no such thing as the spiritual heart! I thought at first that I had noticed a chakra or discovered something I had not felt before. My interest was piqued. This was particularly. This is what I wanted to investigate further and I asked my guides to help me in my research. They have answered this request for help in the form of experiences and insights. And some of these insights and results I share in this blog. Since the discovery of this spiritual heart is so special. Why is there so little information on the Internet? And why hardly anyone speaks about this? The great world teachers do not? I asked the Ramaji, his conclusion: because they do not yet discovered this or have experienced. Many deny the existence of the one true heart. And that's a shame.
What is the spiritual heart?

The Spiritual Heart is our true essence and ultimate true nature. It is another name for the "Radiant Self". The witness of both the "mind" and the universe as well as the inner and outer dimensions. An ascension process has many stages and the final stage will discover the spiritual adult Hridaya, the Spiritual Heart. Heart inside the heart.

Inside the ancient spiritual traditions, the reference to the heart is not a reference to the physical heart or the heart chakra. It is a reference to the heart lotus (Hrid-padma), and it is the seat of the ultimate Transcendental Self. They call it Hrid or hridaya. It is also called the secret cave. The spiritual heart is to feel the right side of the chest. As the spiritual heart awakens and amrita nadi The spiritual heart (see illustration, the line from the heart to the head) is illuminated you feel a slight tremor, a very refined vibration. In some cases, such as me, I experienced prior to this severe heart rhythm disorders. The awakening of the heart changes your biochemistry and is linked to the energy and chemistry of Kundalini. Kundalini leads to enlightenment and complete opening of the crown chakra and goes through sushumna nadi in the spinal column. The activation of the spiritual heart leads to relief of amrita nadi. Nadi literally means "power." They are channels through which consciousness flows. Full opening of the crown chakra is not the final stage. I have seen and experienced that there are at least two crown chakra activations thereafter.

The ultimate reality is transcendent and the essence of All. Through this Heart disappear the separation between subject and object, the observer that what is perceived and the act of perception. It is also absolute freedom and spontaneity. Awareness and realization of the heart leads to the direct and immediate knowledge without thoughts, it integrates all energies and at the same time reveals the ultimate transcendence. The spiritual heart is a point of inflection. It is the deep peace of the infinite emptiness. It is the source of all creation. The source from which all energies arise. It is therefore seen as the source of immortality. The spiritual heart is not the same as the heart chakra.

According to some tantric traditions is the heart chakra just one level or dimension of ours. Within an ascension process is the heart chakra important. It connects the lower self with the higher Self, but the spiritual heart is much more than this. The spiritual heart is not just a spark of God, the spiritual Heart IS God. Atman (the spiritual heart) and Brahman (the Absolute) are one. It is through this Heart born unity consciousness. There is only one heart, there is only one absolute reality. Only the ultimate Self. That is the understanding of Hridaya. Stabilize in this sense can feel equally strange. Strictly speaking it is not really self-realization, which can be realized if Self is all that there is? Also there is a huge cleanup of "old energy". If you ask me what is the spiritual heart is my answer: it is God in you. It is the place where God dwells in you. This is how it feels and I this is the best way I can describe it.
The spiritual Heart and Amrita Nadi

The "I-am-the-body 'thought is the root idea of ​​any subsequent thoughts and determine how we perceive the world (usually dark colored). This thought keeps the illusion of separateness in position. Thoughts come from the heart, rise to your head and take possession of the nervous system and body. The result is that you are in a trance, a contraction. You perceive is colored by thought and you find yourself in the illusion of separateness. This is something you can investigate. It requires a clear and alert presence. It's catch the thief before it enters your home and at the door. The best time to do it is right after waking in the morning. At the time amrita nadi (the channel between head and heart) is lit, spring thoughts still from the heart. However, the idea is now following a different route (see figure). This rises to her head and falls as it were apart. The thought does not cause a trance and has lost control of the nervous system and the body. The symbol is the Golden Wreath. The halo which stands for lighting. The light of the Absolute, suns light of thousand.
discover through the Traditonal path Hridaya

According to Ramana Maharshi is the divine atom of the find yourself right from the middle of the chest. Here lies the heart, the dynamic spiritual heart Hridaya and it is clearly visible to the inner eye of an adept on the spiritual path. By, among other meditation you learn to find himself in the Cave of the Heart. Although this is for people with a strong "I am this body 'identification could not work out well. Some spiritual teachers will advise against this because it just could strengthen the identification with the body. Ramana Maharsi stresses that this heart itself is neither inside nor outside the body because it is the ultimate reality. One can discover through research that the "I" thought (I am this body) arises from the heart to the right and finally returns to the heart. Self-examination may lead to the discovery of the heart. Need more background information than Sri Ramana is a good source of information. Many of his texts and books are free to download. The book "no mind - I am the Self" goes very deeply into the spiritual heart. The writers are Sri Lakshmana Swamy and David Godman. Ramaji wrote down his experiences in the book "The Spiritual Heart".
discover through the intuitive path Hridaya

However, there is also the intuitive path. That's how I've discovered Hridaya, "by chance". Coincidence, of course, does not exist but I had never heard of the spiritual heart, and yet I discovered this one day and intuitively felt that it was important. Obviously this self-examination preceded, a spontaneous awakening Kundalini (clearly related to my feeling is Hridaya to Kundalini) and the dark night of the soul. I was prepared for the discovery of this without that I wondered: how a thought? Who appears this idea? I walk as a medium and Gatekeeper not really the traditional path although I've studied the old masters and have received guidance from some "traditional" enlightened masters. So it is possible. After realizing this heart I'm going to ask me aware when there came a thought: where this idea came from? And every time my attention was drawn to the spot on the right. When I went to investigate further the place I noticed the subtle vibration. The joy. If you want to discover this heart is the traditional path of "self inquiry" does not necessarily suitable for everyone. Choose that which you as it were, is naturally drawn to. The knowledge I pass on and part from their own direct experience and in alignment with the light dimensions. What my guides show and experience me. That is clearly the path of deep feeling, energetic perception, intuition and experience. That is the path to which I feel most attracted me and I share my knowledge and experience, not in the same way in the heart meditations and heart awakenings and healings I give monthly.
Various forms of knowledge and know and cosmic wisdom

Thinking collects information in order to come to "know". And that knowledge, I noticed very limited. Heart "knows" through surrender, trust and above all joy. Knowledge of the intellect is linear. The knowledge of the heart is right, it is holistic, comprehensive (non-linear) and reveals non-duality. Multidimensional experience, know and feel is non-linear. It is to open the Multidimensional Self. For me Hridaya means the opening to multi-dimensionality. Cosmic consciousness. Immediately cosmic knowledge is activated. There is a new paradigm born from the Galactic Heart and this is among other anchored by the sun in the Earth heart. The changes in the sun have not gone unnoticed for many. The changes in the new earth frequencies either. Whether you believe it or not. It's palpable. We are in a special time with special features. Let's learn from the old masters who have gone before us and honor them but wide open to new infinite possibilities associated with The New Earth and the star seeds galactic and cosmic wisdom to share directly from the Source of love for humanity, the earth and in servitude. May all wake up in this light. There is only one heart.

"My pardon Search in the Heart. I will dispel the darkness and show you the light. This is my responsibility. "

Source: Bhagavan's Promises

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