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past lives

Past lives

The temple of Isis.

The temple was not very big as most would have thought. Only girls were allowed inside the temple unless it was a very special person. It was a great honor to have one of your children serving in any temple in those days. The family that had a young girl chosen would be treated with more respect and given better earnings for their jobs. 
The children would be selected around the age of 4 to be taken into the temple to learn about the gods as well as meditation. Those who were especially good at their learning would become a priestess around the age of 12. Once one became a priestess they would be in charge of teaching the younger ones as well as bring offerings in from the gates. The gates had two sets of doors with a small outdoor area before the doors to go outside the temple grounds. One was never allowed to leave the temple once inside because it was thought that outside the walls were impure.

I had just woke in this new body and was about three years old. I was in a work house for children that had no families. While walking past the gates of the temple someone bumped into me and I found myself face first in the ground at the feet of a priestess. She took pity on me and took me in as an offering to the goddess. The moment the high priestess laid eyes on me she sent me into training to become a priestess. It was very un heard of for one so young being part of the order let alone chosen to be one of those who would be chosen to be high one day. 
Every night before sundown we all would gather to eat bread and drink sweetened water. After the meal as the sun sank into the world all were required to meditate till there was no light left. Late at night the walls seemed to hum with a vibration that was otherworldly. 
Once I was seen to have mastered meditation and the arts of divination I was allowed to start learning herbs with the high priestess and greeting the Pharos (pharos were actually the women head of households not the "kings") that came to worship the goddess. The Pharos came to ask for fertility and the wellbeing of their households. Some came for universal news of famine that could destroy they way of life for the lands. 
Gods would come down and grace the temple with their wisdom. Only those who were worthy were allowed to set eyes on these gods. They would sometimes choose a priestess to ascend with them (which often times meant sexual connections as they viewed virgin priestess vessels for the goddess Isis). 
A great famine happened and many died then the plagues came. Death was everywhere and even the temple was not spared. Offerings stopped coming in and we were starving to death. The younger children went first as they were not as strong as some of the older ones. I can remember the smell of death that filled the halls of the temple. Though I do not remember my death there I do surmise starving was the reason. 
I never got to meet Isis myself yet the high priestess often times would say she visited, telling us what to pray for next. It seems to me that this strange place was partly connected to the gods yet it was more of a way for the Pharos to connect to their goddess in a way that made them feel much better about their own rolls in the life they lived. 

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