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Living in Love and Truth

Living in Love and Truth

Take your place but, envoy of the Source
By Mieke Vulink

Hey you, lovable man! You know that there is a rain of blessings to you ready, just because you as a unique representative of the Divine Source here and now are on earth?
Do not give up huh, even though the processes are sometimes so heavy!
What do you still need to continue on this path, in which love and truth will lead you to the life that your Higher Self has in store for you?
Only your way is the best for you

Dare to go their own way, and do not compare especially. It is not intended that you will be as it is different. Or that you're going to do what the other does. The idea is that you all will YOU!
It is from human understanding does not grasp how big, loving and powerful we humans really are. But deep inside you knows that, and you suspect your potential.
Yet it is almost familiar to us not to be able to that potential. We are more familiar with that which holds us to really be able to stand in their own life-fulfilling.

Look fear a look in the eyes, that makes you more wise it might not be true what your heart tells you. Know that fear is always associated with something old. Sometimes whispering, "But what if it is not going to succeed me?" Or "Is it clear what I feel?" Or "What if I get scuttled again?"
Perhaps you're struggling long with what will keep you still in your smallness. But you wear it the power in you to jump out of the limitations of three-dimensionality!
Love and Truth you will point the way. Do dearly where your beautiful heart beat faster and go deeper open. Gun and give yourself all that you just know that it will nourish your true essence.

out of the comfort zone
Become an expert in Self Love

Oh what is an outdated mindset, that Self Love would be selfish! This is an old trick of power, which has worked very self-undermining. He has served to get us out of our own authority, sovereignty and power. He has developed yes-men, followers and herd behavior. Thus, the temporary target affected, namely to take us on an inner astray. Gradually, we have our Divine origin, and thus forget our self-worth. We are at the Source and gone with our higher self from. We have become seekers and survivors. Behold the beginning of the long journey densification and duality.
But hip hip hurray: the journey has begun! Collectively reach minded hands. We affirm and encourage each other to rather rates to Self Love and their own inner wisdom, which reconnects us headed straight to the source.
A carpet of Love to the world

With Self love you give yourself, and thus the world, just the best from yourself! Self Love gives recognition to your light, wisdom, soul qualities, courage, strength, resilience and love. But also your anxiety, pain, fatigue and struggle, and your anger, frustration and despair. This makes it self-evident that all your soul parts still can not descend or on earth can emerge. Self love has here every judgment from and allows you to work on it from gentleness and trust.

Imagine how beautiful would be the world if we all here as pillars of Light, Love and truth will be in connection! In this gigantic powerful, transformative field will all finally be able to run our tears. Let them flow, both the bitter tears of nostalgia, loss and pain we carry in our human existence, as well as the crystal joy tears of joy and connection. They will clean up all the old wounds, and a new crystalline carpet of Love lay on top of the world in which we all can land safely.

Follow your own truth, and not another

Go without any compromises for your higher truth. You're trying to realize your true Self. What is true for another, may not be true for you. What is subservient to another, your need for development not to be meaningful.
Each person has their own way to truth, which is in the form may look completely different from the neighbors.
We all have our own history and their own personal filters for love and truth. As we better understand who we are, those filters are adjusted and changed our needs. Maybe you also notice that you get a lot more need for silence and contemplation. To self-reflection and moments to admit what is in your inner world.
Go past the pictures

More and more we are going to respond to what, and where necessary a moment for us. You will be challenged to release you there from the outside world. You'll catch yourself in thoughts like "soon they find me anti-social" or "soon I get rid of everyone." Precisely these opposing forces will make you aware of the fears that you still carry within you, and how attached you are to the approval of others.
Remember that it will always give comments, if you choose to release you from the lower fields where the ego is still the boss. People will always have their own standards and platelets stick you in a lower field of consciousness life, from their small inner scope. The stronger the incentive to be even stronger in your own back!
Truth or programming

You are ultimately the only authority that determines your way through life. Dare while trust your own truth? Your destiny is in your heart and is indeed deeply programmed into your own DNA.
What course you like it, wherever you are, whatever you do or think: life mirrors you immediately what you send as truth about yourself. This may well be an old mistake from the ego, where you temporarily trapped. Then you get a confrontation that you want to wake up from "Hey, who's this, who does this or think? Is this really true? And this loving towards myself, whether this is from an old programming? What does it take to get loose again here? "
Life reflects your 'I'

The more you practice this, the more aware you will discern a moment or something from a lower or higher part of yourself. In the higher fields duality has no grip on you. Works there another magnetism that attracts what supports your Divinity and is based on unconditional love. Highly sensitive people seek in essence always more to these crystalline fields, because fijnbesnaardheid healing works for any disharmony that exists in creation.
What "I" you take the day; Your soul always attracts people, situations and fields that resonate with them. They will bring you exactly what is in bondage at that time to your process of self-realization.

penguin heart
Do not dare to know more

And, oh what is liberating: You do not all know how things will go! You do not know what your future life will look like in the form on earth. You can all do not even know, because you have stepped on a new path where the duality constraints less, or no more grip on. Your future is created under your feet moving, following the flow of life.
With each new step you're going to put toward a more loving version of your life, your Higher Self will send can go take control. If necessary, the Light World will adjust; this is after all about your life as an emissary from the Source! If the ego is there to interfere, or to smuggle, then you will get this fine hair on your plate. It is then up to you whether you want to pick it up, by feeling and change. If so, then it makes sense to let yourself flip. But do this only by someone who a few steps ahead of you and wearing a bright light in a loving heart.
growth Time

And if you really just do not remember, and it feels as if the hand brake is on your life? Then you have 99 out of 100 times to tackle an old personal part. A blockade that accrued between your ego and your Divine Self is entered.
Welcome to the world of secured grille! You're certainly not alone. Stuck has an important function. It actually indicates that it is time to go inside fireplaces. There you discover some more hidden, but essential parts of yourself. Often, it is difficult for those parts to be able to be at all here on earth. They are often the fijnbesnaardere, highly sensitive parts. They feel vulnerable and are therefore difficult to emerge. They do not account for anything hidden in a harsh society that about irritating, busy, crowded, rude, was quick and loveless for them.
It can be very beneficial to have just 'stay indoors'. A pearl indeed needs the protection of the oyster to grow.

Surviving judging and crumbs Love

Each no-ism, afweerder, coward and braggart in doing ourselves a huge appeal to our Self Love. They are ever caught got into an earthly drama, which is caused by a lack of love, wisdom and safety. We all know the survival mechanisms that we ourselves had to learn. We adapt to the conditions, we were able to hold our ground in a loveless and much verdichtere world than where we come from. We have created egos who learned to settle for crumbs Love, with demands, judgments and restrictions. Egos as a protective coat were to hard and insensitive world around us. But because we lived only a very small part of our true potential and essence!

Are you tired of constantly linger in the margin of your own life? Wish you have to deal with everything in your lives right on stand call turn the page "HERE I AM, and only the best is good enough for me!"?
It is mainly a question of yourself unconditional Love, yourself dis-cover, all-ways, transform and unlearn.

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The old unlearn

Unlearn? Yes. Deeply programmed into us are many old thoughts, behavior and mistakes, which can be traced back into the nucleus to traumatic fields. The primal separation of the source, and therefore unconditional love and our own Divinity, has beaten deep wounds. The thick coats of ego had us to protect those wounds out.
The Bible has a word later introduced the world with far-reaching consequences: "original sin". Thereby running most of us still around with feelings or thoughts that we have not done anything. Therefore we are knocked out of the source, and / or that the source has let us down and our fate. Or that we have the Source itself backs on that we do not need the source in order to have it good here and / or source that we are no longer worthy.
The trauma in field

These mistakes have proved fatal, and sit and emotional trauma memories stored deep in the collective human pain dual field.
If no source or God is more, where do you find that Love, that you know it exists, but you still have not been able to find on Earth? Where can one go when on earth no one understands you, nor can console into your deepest pains? Who can give you more than answers to your most passionate about life? Who will free you from your prison then really cold and loneliness, which you sometimes - seems to be ruthless to your abandoned - despite all the wonderful higher wisdoms?

In times of need, we have proved very resourceful. Our ego has invented all sorts of impressive roles, costumes and masks, and impressive mental constructions devised to survive. We are so accustomed to this ego-frames, that we survive but the old-tricks in ourselves are not so lost. More about this can be read shortly in the two-part series "The ego trip to Love", which will appear on this site.
But gradually, the time really has come to stand face to face with our own dressing closet and structures, and everything to throw out what we no longer need more.

The good Henry

Some of us have, and unconscious reaction and a kind of desperate attempt to above fall, the good Henry roller pulled out of the closet. Hoping to be "good enough" to be allowed to return Home again.
These people are going extremely helpful and obedient behavior. They are going to do their best, will act so sweet and socially responsible as possible where they have put themselves humbly in last place. Subconsciously they are going to base their behavior on the belief (which was not knowing the source, but a belief that we have been led to believe) that they have committed considerable sins. The church, and subsequently also the society, it is ingrained in them that they therefore have fallen from divine grace.
Heritage of the Church

Many of them wear unconsciously still a loveless noise of dogmatic religions themselves. For them, it is particularly difficult to free himself from 'that goes'. They are accustomed to adapt to what is expected of them. It is to believe them that they had to listen to any more-knowing authority outside himself. Deep down they hope that they will finally be seen in their good intentions. The Gods will now surely have given notice that they have learned from "their mistakes? They will do everything for the Love Field, they thought they were "not worthy" to be found again. If necessary to recoup.

crystal shield
Highly sensitive Crystal Children

In many highly sensitive, gentle people, we now recognize the Crystal Children. But it's barely a generation ago these people as "too sensitive" were put away. For them, the brave Hendrik a fairly safe role that they could keep themselves in a world of shortages of true love, a bit on the leg.
In many more suffer from the yoke of the Church previous centuries they had and the associated moral upbringing.
If you come highly sensitive crystal child on earth born early, you have a lot to overcome. In order to survive you had to almost have to be obedient and docile to endure the lack of understanding and true love. Or yourself should withdraw into a private, imaginary world. A crystalline world of sounds, colors and smells of the compound persisted in the world where you came from.

In our generation, we are happy to recognize and acknowledge the highly sensitive New Age Children. They carry a high Love Field and unity consciousness within. Wise and conscious parents receive them unconditional love and security, allowing them to better incarnate, to be able to continue themselves and can stay connected to their higher, finely tuned skills.
You've done nothing wrong

Feel yourself at once; Do something even they (unconsciously) the approval from above? Honest in all of us somewhere a brave Henry. Which played no role in your present life, which is probably still somewhere around at the scene of a previous life.
Know that this was part of the earthly survival range. It could offer us experiences in duality that needed our soul. With this survival behavior we have experienced many variations that are associated with a small ego.
But also realize that this game really can and will be terminated: you are indeed love itself! The source has not uitgeknikkerd you and is not somewhere far outside yourself. The Source is in YOU! You are a wonderful, unique expression of that source, the earth needs you with all your Love and Light.
Breaking free of duality

How do you break it, if you're here recognizes what? How do you separate from the programming yourself that you "have to do well?" Realize that do not exist mistakes and sins, they are a figment of powers that wanted to keep us in their grip.
Give yourself approval, instead of you goes out to wait that comes from outside.
There are only experiences. By seeing through it, and the awakening of our conscious being, we come back to the deep knowledge of the presence of the Source in ourselves.
Our soul has had many experiences necessary duality to (re) discover who we really are in our innermost being. Any judgment on what is still there is a judgment from that duality. This has never, ever been a judgment from the Source, because there exists only unconditional love!

The insurgent rebel

On the other hand, there are among us who have come to puberty and rebel. The moral straitjacket imposed on us is what is in them a deep protest awakened. They have rolled up their sleeves and entered the fight with rules and dogmas. They are just going to do everything and go try out "what God had forbidden. They have sacred cows overturned and have gone beyond all possible limits. They have challenged the gods and all the commandments and prohibitions lapped at their boots. And when they noticed that they were still standing and again came out as the victor, they were the more encouraged in their ardent desire for freedom and self-determination.
You had to behave

This behavior is in our society too much. It's just like the good Henry, a reaction to what has emerged from the lower earth matrix. This matrix holds us captive from our old personality into a kind of slave behavior. Many of us are unwittingly still stuck there.
From the rebel was expressed the great lack of love and the imprisonment in a world that did not support them in a "rebelling against. The original life forces that are present in every human being were so slowed down that they called a deep backlash. Especially during the past 2,000 years, everyone who was not added to the "Christian laws" condemned by the church and society.

past experiences

Many of us remember this, the following could end your own truth. If you could not confirm to what was imposed from the community often had banishment or death.
This has led to all kinds of violent experiences. Where the brave Henry himself did confirm and lost his strength and self-esteem, the rebels have often sacrificed their lives during the conflict with all that was to lie outside them. They became more and more an outsider. Usually, this trip ended in frustration that they eventually lonely and with nothing left behind. Far away from any recognition and connection with love.
In this setting were true, the pluses and minuses of a 'too big' ego be discovered, but the end result rarely brought what they had really wanted inside.
Go for truth was dangerous

If this game had been played, and also look pale expect the stake or the guillotine at the end of the ride, the deeper questions emerged. "What have I done? Why am I being punished? I did not do anything wrong? "
Still bear many of us have a fear in itself which can be traced back to past lives. The memory says "Oh dear, what awaits me again now I've gone to my truth? Who can guarantee me that it did not awry? "

Do you recognize yourself in the rebel, or you know that you came to Earth with a similar function? Should you be confronted with old fears, know that this is another time when you will not be judged on your 'different'. Cherish especially the connection with what you deeply inspires!
Indigo children: awakening the wake of shakers

Around the turn of the century there are many Indigo new children come to earth. They have a lot of aspects mentioned above, and through many lifetimes 'dyed in the wool'. They are awake shakers who dare to stabbing their head above the parapet. They are the brave heroes who do everything to expose what is not true in their experience. They are driven by a beautiful, inner, divine firepower, going as Truth, they continue around until they have their own form found here on earth!

Met by loving arms

Who or what you are ranked: Nowhere judgment fits! Because both the brave and the bold rebel Henry acted from one inner drive: True Love to find and make available to any fellow creature.
The good news is that in the higher dimensions only true love and wisdom exist. Imagine all your old selves but comfortable; all "prodigal sons and daughters" are there met with open arms.
(Incidentally, for those who were born in the last century and these roles recognize the painting by Rembrandt, and the book by Henri Nouwen on the Return of the Prodigal Son as a balm on the wounded soul).
Dare to be unique as co-creator

In short: We all wait for a festive welcome home, any time of the day. Put the doors open every day for all your parts because they are all valuable. Replace your own imprinted judge "I'm not worthy 'by a much larger, loving truth about who you really are.
You are a very unique divine creature. There is no one who can embody a similar reflection of the source as you carry within you. As you know, there is only one!
Honour therefore every intention within yourself to be the wish to contribute to a new world, through Love and Truth, and only have to go completely Love yourself.

Do not settle for less

Your heart has the ability to distinguish true love from each surrogate version. Remember however that you just can trust over there, and take a lesser form of love not settle!

You will be amazed by the enormous intelligence, direction and guidance of your higher self, divine self and the Light World. They will make every effort to all of us to Truth About to guide ourselves.
The wonders include the world by far not yet out. In fact:
You'll be more and more miracles and grace witness, as you know beats the dual earthly dust of your wings. Feel that you are free! Nothing can stop you on your flight to your un

Mieke vulink

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  • I see the language barrier, but I read it anyway, and its completely true and I am going through this right now, realizing self love and self realization is the most important thing we can do with our lives. Its sad that so many people are trying to, or have tried to, tell me no. That I need to follow their path. They don't realize that I cannot find a path until I complete myself first. My parents especially. It almost hurts them when I try to tell them truths such as these. I will just let them be, but they cannot let me be? I have been different my whole life, and hid myself to cope with this. But now I realize I must do what I know, not what others tell me. I am finally feeling better. Its been a long journey, and there is so much more work to do. Thanks for writing this! Its encouraging to see, lets me know that I am not crazy! :)

    • we are not crazy.

      we are beautyful,amazing.

      everything more amazing than human can inmagine.

      thank you very much

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