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intuitive giftedness and psychosis susceptibility

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intuitive giftedness and psychosis susceptibility

How do you prevent your gift becomes a burden
By Patricia Akkermans

psychosis sensitivity

With intuitive giftedness I mean in this article a very high degree of sensitivity. Someone who is intuitively gifted may moods, moods, feelings, energies and observing other forms of life that are outside the normal sensible. To explain, I sometimes say that one can see through the veils of different worlds. This quality is also described as having extrasensory perception or paranormal sightings.

The transition between intuitively gifted and glued are labeled from psychopathology may be a sliding scale. Sometimes it just lies in what society tells you that you have for example, contact with the dead, can feel a person's health, or hear voices talking to nature spirits. In some cultures is not at all uncommon. But denotes a Western white psychiatrist or psychologist than as deviant and abnormal behavior can be seen. What is seen is therefore normal and abnormally strong cultural bepaald.psychosegevoeligheid

Sometimes I ask myself sometimes wonder how many people sit in psychiatry who actually have a passed form of intuitive giftedness. As with any quality can follow this, with too much of it, by shooting to a negative form. When these people that the quality of intuitive genius can become a strain in which one contact with reality is lost. For example, they have been given a psychosis.

A psychosis is a mix of different symptoms such as delusions, hallucinations, problems with attention and memory, motivation problems and depression or mania. It is a spectrum of more and less severe complaints. People at the far end of this spectrum is known as schizophrenic psychosis in the regular psychiatry.

In my practice I guide people intuitively gifted and sometimes sit at the beginning of the psychosis spectrum. They are familiar with mild symptoms of psychosis sensitivity. My experience is that good can learn to cope with psychosis sensitivity.
What characterizes intuitive giftedness?

The chakras and their color not the characteristics of intuitively gifted people is that the crown chakra very open so they pick up a lot of extra (Judith, 2008). You can compare it to a mega-satellite dish. Imagine that some people have such a dish as it were, on their heads. Intuitively gifted catch with this dish extra information. While this information to others is often not visible, it is present. The amount of information you can pick up with your dish is huge. You must learn to distinguish between true and false information you 'dished' gets.

"As above, so below" Hermes Trismegistus said in antiquity. I mean in this case that you above also have a kind of mainstream media, load may be a hoax or distortion of information. You're up too intrusive 'reporters' that can bother you. You can learn to dose the amount of information and you may or may not establish certain stimuli.

You have been given a special gift. If this intuitive gift is not accompanied by a solid grounding and a certain sobriety, then things can go wrong in times of inner stress and / or pressure from outside. Too high sensitivity can result in the loss of your sense of reality. You get lost contact with your body and your life here. You become over-stimulated and overwhelmed. Someone who is very sensitive and poorly grounded in that case may develop a heightened sensitivity psychosis.
When your gift is really a burden?

Hearing voices, by getting information or seeing people that can not be perceived by others is problematic if your voices, images or feelings are no longer the boss and they control your life. For example, if you feel that you no longer have the control get in your own home or if you're nasty commands you want to run out. Or when you constantly have the feeling that there is gossip about you. Or when you can not regulate the flow of information more making your life becomes disordered.
Psychosis Sensitivity What can you do about it?

You can develop resistance to psychosis susceptibility to master. That is a process of trial and error that you partly learn under the guidance of an expert. If you have learned to recognize signs of psychosis increased sensitivity to yourself then you can take timely measures to control yourself in. The following five suggestions may help you with this.

♥ Someone with increased vulnerability has much to gain from getting to know well and monitor their own emotional boundaries. Will you stay inside then you have less chance to shoot. Recognize your intuitive giftedness and take enough rest to handle things is very belangrijk.psychosegevoeligheid
♣ good learning ground and remain grounded in your body helps, for example, by learning to breathe consciously and deeply. The more you open crown chakra, the firmer you must be grounding and better to be in touch with your body. Compare it with the big dish. That is top-heavy, a solid base is necessary to remain standing.
♦ Learn to say no to vote or thoughts. One of the first things that people with psychosis increased sensitivity to learn is that they themselves are always in control of their bodies and their home. It is possible to learn how to take back control.
♠ Learn how to express emotions. Heavy (worrisome) thoughts can take on a life of its own and will sound like voices that speak to you. Under these heavy thoughts are emotions you might have not recognized. Expressing emotions, verbally or in another creative way to get the pressure off.
♥ Find people with whom you can talk about these observations and with whom you can share.

To summarize, it is important to examine where your vulnerability lies and your resilience. Thereby making your big chance to solid ground to keep under your feet.

Remember everything that you're not crazy, you're a limited edition. Your manual is therefore not standard, you can be your own maken.psychosegevoeligheid


Patricia Akkerman
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