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Serious problems from improper functioning or blocked chakras.

You have already heard something about chakras. Yet few people know but the consequences of poor performance. Here's further explanation.

Chakra is like a trunk-like vortex
In practice, I explain using examples that chakra is similar to emptying the tub or sink. If the stop goes out you see nothing but feel the suction. After a while you see a trunk-like vortex direction well. While the water flows towards the well will air in the opposite direction. There is an open connection which is actually two directions uitstroomt.Zo works even with a chakra. A tornado-like spinning vortex of subtle energy that connect the layers around us with the deep-lying organs in our body. Invisible, for a layman impalpable

The spinning energy wheels are usually found on the midline of the body (front and rear) with a distance of about 7 cm apart. (If you want to know exactly then is the ratio between tip of your nose and the tip of your chin distance between each chakra)

Since most energy and information from the outside enters through the chakras, these items are extremely important for the balance within the energy system of the body.

Milky Way
There are countless chakras in our body, most knowledge about the seven main chakras. There are hundreds of different visions are about. So I read a book that our top chakra is located in our Milky Way and our ever-lower into the earth itself. Sounds very intense. Well, who knows, I know (now) not.

What I have experienced is that to make the front chakras with feelings, the rear with the will and the top with the mental. And chakras can do PAIN !!! Sensitive or highly sensitive people feel more and more pain. This can sometimes some mistakes may result.

Arthur called as a client of mine, if he could come right away. He thought he had a heart attack in the car. Panic, palpitation, sweating, stuffy and especially chest pain. He was unable to continue driving and was taken to hospital by ambulance. In the hospital they could not find anything and sent him home. If I could do for him.

The first thing I noticed was a blocked heart chakra. From experience, we know when the heart chakra is locked, emotionally something serious is going on. In many people has to do with the disruption are rejected in love, both by a partner or by parents.

Never confirmed in love
Arthur played this role. He lived not so long together and tensions had arisen around the child of his girlfriend. He felt that he was third on the sideline and his girlfriend lost. His parents had never confirmed him in love and now the panic was so great that automatically shut the heart chakra. Possible to prevent real damage to the heart itself!

running again
The treatment meant that we energetically chakra again were flowing. He felt exactly how the heart chakra reopened. He sighed with relief and tears flowed freely to much heartache. Arthur also understood that the unprocessed part, no confirmatory love vanzijn parents formed the basis of his primal panic. It is fortunately not come back.

Embarrassing and uncomfortable
Rik came from 49 years (as many) with abdominal pain. Rumble in the belly, especially right after eating. He told me all been through the mill to be and that they could not find anything. He referred all inquiries to the hospital, some very embarrassing and uncomfortable. However, he should be happy. No scary things, but the pain remained. It was suggested that it was between his ears. He believed that not, after all, it was in his stomach. He pinpointed exactly where it was and he pointed to a chakra!

weaken Abdominal cramps
With him was the second chakra (below the navel) locked. Inquiring how it actually went with him. "He was actually survive." He had no challenges for life or more fun in his life. And sex? No, that was a long time gone. Immediately during the opening of the closed chakra Rik felt weaken abdominal cramps. A feeling of space and flow, the tightness over.

However, Rik was advised me not to take milk a while to get his bowels to rest. Many sensitive people react wrong on these products. Also advised to activate their creativity, which helps to keep a second chakra strong and healthy.

Surprised at the rapid change by chakra healing, he came back after two weeks. It went well with him. His intestines were quieted and the pain was gone. An in-depth conversation had brought him so much good with his wife. He had another meaning in life.

Toothache without dialing
That teeth chakras have been virtually unknown. So Tara was advised by the dentist with me in practice. She had severe toothache, long time. The dentist had done everything he could. She was mad and he. By necessity, succumbed to their pressure, the dentist pulled the healthy tooth. But the pain remained! Incomprehensible, toothache without dialing. She now thought of phantom pain!

Pulse, a rhythm
A dial deal with, is not a common technique. It is part of foot work from the Cranio Sacral art. Armed with that knowledge, I went to work at the place where once there was a tooth. To my surprise, I felt a pulse, a rhythm followed by an extraction motion. As if the election there was once pulled out. The client was stunned during that treatment, she finally felt the pain draw !! What I saw was a mini chakra of the former choose which began to turn again. Apparently that was the culprit. Tara has her pick out back, which is not but she is out a new experience and for good from her toothache.

Contrôle of chakras
It's for people sensitive to the difficult sometimes excruciating pain they feel to distinguish. As long as no subtle movements can be measured in the regular circuit, a contrôle of chakra will on alternative way more than meaningful. Even if there is nothing regular found by us has much to achieve.

Do you also have something unexplainable? Come once for a test of the functioning of the chakras.

For lovers some theory about the chakras

All chakras rotate in the same direction and clockwise. They should all be about the same size (both front and back), then there is an ideal situation, balance and harmony. Takes a chakra not closed or counterclockwise then the chakra is. Chakras vibrate each on a different frequency and because colors that make them are associated with labels.

Chakras can be disrupted in various ways

• They can rupture
• may be damaged Enveloping low
• Revolving movement can be blocked
• Rotation may be too slow
• Point chakra is not exactly in the core
• An IUD can stabbing out like a blown feather
• The entire chakra can be damaged or any part thereof

• First chakra; (Red) is between the legs, is connected with our will to live, vitality adrenal glands and kidneys. Problem areas: Back pain and stress, bladder infections, burnout, chronic fatigue, arthritis phobias, cancer, rheumatism, hemorrhoids.

• Second chakra; (Orange) just above the pubic bone, represents sexuality, feed the sex organs, immune and creativity. Problem areas: sexual problems, AIDS, Menstrual Problems, survive i.p.v. life.
• Third chakra; (Yellow) behind the navel, energy for the stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen and nervous system. Is associated with intuition and who we are in the universe, how we relate to others and take care of ourselves. Problem areas: callousness, critic, keep away, apathy, heart disease.

• The fourth chakra; (Bright green grass) represents love in the heart. It provides us with heart, circulatory system, thymus, upper back and the vagus nerve (vagus nerve) of energy. Problem areas: high blood pressure, heart problems, fear of rejection, jealousy, racism, excessive attachment, cara, dementia.

• The fifth chakra; (Sky Blue) throat, speaking the truth, giving and receiving, for the sense of hearing, taste and smell. Energy for the thyroid gland, the bronchi, lungs and the digestive tract. Problem areas: throat disorders, thyroid, mouth, jaws, gums, parathyroid, lungs, neck and hypothalamus, whiplash.

• The sixth chakra; (Indigo) located on the forehead and head. Energy for the pituitary gland, brain, left eye, ears, nose and nervous system, facial senses. It is connected with conceptual understanding (insights), intuition and propagating the rear part with ideas and accomplish. Concern: fear of silence, possessiveness, attachment.

• The seventh chakra; (White) sitting on your kruintje energy to the cerebral cortex and the right eye. Here you will experience the direct knowledge and pure joy. Connected to the integration of personality and spirituality. Problem areas: disgust and anger towards God, bitterness, are excluded.

Ria Feskens

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