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Highly sensitive and exhausted? Stand up for yourself!

Highly sensitive and exhausted? Stand up for yourself!
You become exhausted by your little children, your job and your household? Almost overwrought? If you are highly sensitive is it for you or difficult course.

You're tired, but hey who does not. You're in a slump, but oh well that everybody sometimes.

Are you tired of your sweet little noisy children? All those other mothers can do it ... If you feel that way will not change anything. But if it feels like you can break off at any time, and you continue to try to continue, no one sees what you need and you will therefore get no help.
Probably sue you there on demand but you do not really help. So no one can see how high you are. If they find that you nag. Or they give you all kinds of tips that will only feel like criticism. How your environment reacts to you may well be a reflection of how you feel about yourself. Like yourself that you should not whine and just need to organize better?
Sometimes you see things only clear if you just exaggerating.

What if you had a muscle disease rather high sensitivity, or 8 children instead of two now, or asthma instead of fatigue, you would ask for help? Would you help? Not if you keep yourself trying to keep going. If you radiates, "I can do it" (I have to be myself) then you get no help because everyone thinks it will be easy. Also, if you complain every day because heck complain we all do. What else you need to talk about ...
Why will not you see for yourself that the limit has been reached, that you really no longer maintains NOW?

Does it feel like failures? Shame? Slap? Appoint? Lazy? Something in your subconscious cries for help, you need rest, or attention. And says something else in your subconscious: Do not appoint, go! You must be this! You are alone, tired of the two voices in your head. Can you highly sensitive are you?
How long do you keep up? Until you really breaks off?

Perhaps it is more convenient to draw any sound the alarm. Make sure that something changes. Not by anything to shout to your partner, but going to sit quietly at the table. Make a list. Streep things away. Make sure you divide tasks better, make sure you get a real free afternoon a week, making sure you get help, take a maid, a nanny, spent ironing, gardening or other jobs out. And make sure you bet and your revenue are in balance. If you have enough appreciation (or money or free time) get for what you do, you can much more.
Whatever changes are necessary, you need to take care of it themselves.

Because it's your problem and you are the only one who is desperate for a solution. Many women are accustomed to say what they need, and then go down to wait for the other it gives them. But as long as you can last the other person has no reason to trouble about. If you keep complaining until someone comes to rescue you, you can continue to complain very long.

So heel itself the decision: Now it's time that something changes! Stand up for yourself.

Jackelien Cerrone

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  • I have to say that this post isn't exactly positive. It really comes off as blaming people for how they feel as their fault. I think you intend to help, but many people will not take this well. If you know what it is to be an empath, your approach would be less like a tank and more of a caring, helping hand.
    Empath don't all know how to find an off button to help them deal with their issues. That's why the site is here. They are reaching out in their moment of despair. We shouldn't slap their face when they reach out. Yes. Other people have it worse, but in their is the worst for them.

    When a child cries because her favorite toy breaks, we don't tell the child that other kids have it worse because they don't have a toy to cry over. We listen and say it's ok to cry. We don't rub their nose in it.
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