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I’m a psychiatrist and also an empath. An empath is someone who is highly sensitive and tends to absorb the emotional and physical energy of other people into their own bodies. Empaths also have an intimate communion with nature, including with the Earth, plants, and animals.

The positive side is that we can deeply feel all that is positive, wholesome, and healthy in others, and the world.

The downside is that empaths become exhausted, anxious, and burned out from sensory overload.

Many of my empath patients come to me with these symptoms but were never diagnosed properly by conventional physicians—rather they were seen as simply having panic disorder, depression, or anxiety, and thus given medications. If you identify as an empath, the secret to nurturing your intuitive connection to all living things, is to develop centering and protection strategies such as meditation, setting clear boundaries, creating adequate alone time to refuel and many other strategies I present in The Empath’s Survival Guide. Then empaths can revel in the joy of their sensitivities.

Earth Empaths

Earth empaths are a special type of empath who is keenly attuned to the natural world and all of the Earth’s changes. The beauty of a waterfall can exhilarate and energize these empaths, whereas the toxicity of air pollutants can make them feel sick, exhausted, or depressed. How do you know if you are an earth empath? You are highly sensitive to intuiting the Earth’s changes in your body. Sensually and energetically, you can feel the power of a thunderstorm, the loveliness of the moon, the warmth of the sun on your shoulders. What happens to the Earth is intimately connected to your body. The beauty and health of the earth nourishes and sustains you. The ocean and tides affect everyone, but especially you. The moon and the tide regulate menstrual cycles in women and sleep-wake cycles for both genders. You are sensitive to weather changes and the amount of daylight. Earth empaths may experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), becoming depressed in the winter when the days are shorter.

The earth, its elements, and the universe feel like family. The moon and stars have always been my companions. Since childhood, I’ve looked up at the heavens and felt that my true home was there. (One patient told me that she prefers stargazing as her “night life” instead of bars and clubs.) But, interestingly, I’ve found that empaths, like myself, who have a hard time adjusting to being on this planet, need to connect to the earth’s energy so that we can more fully inhabit our bodies. Learning how to do this (and not fighting it) is part of our healing.

The Earth loves you. You can feel it. If you’re an earth empath, that’s why you get so hurt, anxious or have health problems when she is harmed or destroyed. Your body is intimately connected to the Earth. You experience her changes as if they were happening to you. When the Earth is happy, you are happy. When the Earth is in pain, you are too.

Earth empaths may have premonitions about natural disasters or feel them intensely in their bodies as they are occurring. One patient told me. “I frequently wake up just prior to earthquakes. Then boom, it hits.” Another said, “Before earthquakes or volcanic eruptions, my body begins to shake. I feel ‘off,’ not on solid ground.” Another told me, “During the last tsunami, I awoke from a deep sleep in a state of agitation and dread.” An empathic friend said, “I felt like I was hemorrhaging,” as a response to a catastrophic oil spill. Similarly, try to be aware of how your body reacts during dramatic earth changes. Then you can put your feelings in context and practice more self-care when they occur.

As an Earth empath, you may also be sensitive to solar flares. These magnetic storms on the sun affect the magnetic fields around the earth and our bodies. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, and tornados appear to occur after intense solar activity. During these periods, you may experience headaches, mood swings, anxiety, or heart palpations. Studies have shown an association between solar flares and increased depression, anxiety, suicides, and episodes of bipolar disorder. Revolutions, riots, and unrest across the globe are associated with solar flares. Remember, the sun is responsible for life on earth. When it goes through changes, we feel it 93 million miles away. This experience is amplified for empaths.

To stay vibrant, you want to frequently connect with the Earth. Spend time in forests, by the ocean, or in the mountains where you can commune with the elements and feel at home. To deepen your bond with the Earth, eat clean, healthy, organic foods (even better, grow them yourself). A junk food diet separates you from the Earth because you’re not ingesting her energy. Regularly practice Earthing: lie flat on the earth to soak up her positivity and strength. Wade or swim in lakes, rivers, or the ocean. Gaze at the stars. Walk barefoot on the grass.

To intentionally communicate with the Earth, you can tune into her by asking, “What do you feel?” Then be open to any intuitions that come. Or you can use the Earth as an oracle, directly asking her questions about yourself or others. She will answer you though your intuition. Then follow her guidance.

In Native traditions, earth medicine represents the healing that nature imparts. Mother Earth is to be revered and cared for. As empaths, you can practice earth medicine by doing whatever you can to treasure our precious mother planet. This is part of your purpose, and a way for you to feel happy, healthy, and whole.

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Psychic vampirism

          What is psychic vampirism? In the following post I will try to explain what a psychic vampire is and where the term came from.

    A psychic vampire is a person or being who feeds off the “life force” of other living creatures. There is no medical recognition or scientific consensus supporting this claim. That being said I know that there is a lot of things that science can not explain other than actual experience of the person. In a 2007 survey carried out upon people claiming to be vampires, either psychic or sanguinary (blood drinkers) that showed evidence of a higher than normal incidences of certain illnesses and conditions such as anemia, fibromyalgia, and hemophilia. Weather or not they actually suffer from such conditions was not evaluated by medical professionals. So that being said we could say it is all in your mind.. Now don’t get mad, I’m not saying these people are crazy for everyone’s personal experiences and beliefs can not be ignored for there is great distrust and fear within the spiritual community of these psy-vamps. Most psy-vamps, can not sustain its own energy so it needs to feed on energy from outside itself, that’s what makes a psy-vamp what it is there chi energy is leaking out and needs a continual supply of energy to make up for what is lost. Through this I hope to ease some of this fear with understanding of what a psy-vamp is and isn’t. my hope is through understanding and tips to protect yourself the fear and miss conceptions of vampires will ease your mind.. There are many categories of vampirism, so lets get started..

  The first type is the “grazer”. this type tend to enjoy places like malls, theaters and places with lots of people around and feed off the energy that is extra and floating around those areas. This type is not dangerous for they only feed on what the “crowd” is not using. They are the ones that when you are having a bad day and they show up you start to feel better and brighter., they generally prefer a particular type of energy however, and probably would find it difficult to feed online because they don’t target the energy, there more like vacuum cleaners, they suck up what is around them rather than seek it out. Most of this type don’t even know themselves they are psy-vamps. The issue with this type is if they develop a taste for negative emotions. Fear anger and control, this is when they become a threat to others, and could become the emotional type of psy-vamp.

  The second type are Elemental vampires, they are just what the name suggests, they feed on the elementals, water, air, fire, trees, sun, and moon. For an example a water elemental psy-vamp, the flow of water energizes them and calls to them as there source of energy and well being. These types are harmless to humans for they prefer nature over human emotion and “life force”. these types though could have evolved from the grazer, and can evolve more into the emotional type, depending on how well fed they are.

  The third type is the emotional vampire, they have a refined taste for specific emotions, and as they feel the need for energy, they frequently find a place with the highest amount of the emotion that suits there taste, some have refined there hunting practices to target certain people that fill there need. One example of a emotional vampire that cant find the emotion they need they will go online, to chats or to places that have lots of people and start a fight with someone, or create a poor me atmosphere so other will feed them. As they refine there hunting you will often find that they will continue to target those that are easy for them to excite. So if you feel that someone is just causing drama because it makes them feel better you may be right. Generally this type is harmless and may not know they are a psy-vamp, but they understand the way the emotions make them feel and can become dangerous the more “addicted” they get to the particular type of energy. Once this happens they tend to get better at manipulating the situation to create that emotion they need to feed on. This type is also in the same category of sexual vampirism. The sexual vampires feed on sex energy, and can become predators if they are not being satisfied in there relationships. This goes for the blood drinkers too, it offers a high and a physical means to gain “life force” as blood is what keeps us alive. Most blood drinkers teeter between the third type and the fourth, when they have a donor its very similar to the dominion having there renfield.
  The fourth type is what I call the Dominion. They dominate others, and are often the dictators, that disguise themselves as angles, demons, gods, monsters, prophets, and harbingers of death. They literally suck out the life chi energy of others. They use the means of physical contact, psychic, astral contact in there feeding. The Dominion often has a “renfield’ (often a bff, or a confidante) this renfield is the back up of the Dominion when there energy is low and cant find a good source of “food”. how this happens is the Dominion gains the trust of there renfield than drains him so much of energy then makes a statement such as “I’m going to die or leave” which would make the renfield’s life seem pointless, so that in his anguish at being alone, abandoned and helpless, he would take the only action available to a depressive. The
Dominion will literally drive the renfield to the point of suicide, than either save the renfield in the nick of time or allow it to happen so that it can feed off all the energy that is connected to the renfield’s depression. And than starts the cycle over again. Most fabricate a reason to fall into depression again to gain the renfield’s affection and aid, when a renfield is lost the Dominion often has a backup all ready in place incase of escape or death of there renfield. The Dominion is not always emotionless to there prey, some do tend to go through depression themselves when they loose a source, they are human after all.
There is a fifth type of psy-vamp, but I will get to that in a moment. The protection against the emotional, and Dominion type psy-vamps, is to make it impossible to separate your negativity from your positive emotions.. I know easer said than done, but here is a tip, when someone tries to evoke an emotion in you lets say anger, recognize it and push it away, only you can control your anger and if you don’t give thought to anger you will not be angry and there for not a meal and the vamp will move on. If someone calls you a bad name u can choose to ignore it or tell them flat out “I know myself well enough to know that is not true, and you cant influence me into a fight, I am stronger than that.” than ignore the person or move away from them. It is us that give them this power over us and the only way to stop it in its tracks is to not allow it into your life. A simple shield of a flowing energy that swirls around like a river will help keep most at bay, and most likely will keep you from ever being fed on. There is many ways to keep emotions and your energy in check to protect yourself against even the most practiced adversary.

  Even now in this day and age most psy-vamps who admit to there vampirism celebrate there “gift” rather than realizing there is a problem, and work toward healing there chi leak, and are difficult to read on a psychic level for they are good at hiding there true nature. This is especially the case for emotional and dominion types. For the grazers and elementals generally don not need to hide there nature because they don’t need people to feed off of. You can tell when someone is a pay-vamp by watching them interact with there friends, if they appear to be the one everyone gravitates around yet is always the center of attention even though friends are suffering in some way, (that friend that is suffering is often ignored) you may have a vamp and can go through the categories and find what fits… please don’t go around accusing people of being a psy-vamp, this is not to help others go on witch hunts, it is for you to be prepared to deal with one if you ever need to.
Now for the fifth and last type of psy-vamp, this type is said to not exist because they work in complete secrecy. It is a rare thing to know one as they never reveal there true nature for that puts them in extreme danger. They are known as the complex psy-vamp, and as the name suggests they are complex. This type feeds on love, the sacred love, this love is in abundance and only the complex can access it directly. The complex don’t have the chi leak the other psy-vamps have, so they can give of the energy just as freely as they absorb it. Other vampires can sense this power and attempt to drain the energy from the complex, the Dominion is especially dangerous to this type for draining the very life out of it is to claim its power for their own. This type also is not a danger to anyone for it never takes anything that is not freely given, and can use there energy to heal and help others when in need. I like to think of them as a mothers unconditional love of there children, they don’t care what you have done, who you are, or where you have been they will love you anyway. It is a privilege to have one in your life even if you may never recognize there true nature.
As with anything of the spiritual nature of beings, understanding your own nature can be very useful to your own growth. Being honest with yourself is the first step of defense against any being psy-vamp or not. Give some of these “vamps” a break most don’t even know they are one, and as I have seen in my own experience that about 90% of the population are psy-vamps in one way or another, the key is to be kind to others and don’t treat them like trash just because they are a vampire, for you may be one yourself.
Thank you all who have read this whole thing.

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past lives

The angel years.

through i've had many lives on earth, i've also had lives off earth. the void of light that consumed me before my first experience on the earth realms were very clouded by the fact that some 10 thousand years had passed. Each time i have lived in a new body the past has a way of slowly disappearing along with the small memories that held little importance. though memories fade i have held onto a name that seemed very important to me however it held many other concenquences. The name i was given was and always was Ecclasia which i understand that the spelling of this is wrong by todays standards yet i do have the spelling correct for my name. This name was aslo confirmed by a few arch angels by the name of Urial, Raphael, Michael as well as Rogael. This has been a pretense of my journey of discovery.

Angels has been present in all my lives so i had to set the intention to learn all i could about them. While many feel the hierarchy is thus recorded in the bible it does not hold all there is as well as i remember the statuses of angelics are way different than most believe. 
As an angel none of us had free will, which seems cruel by human standards but was necessary for their roles and jobs. If an angel was to have free will they would be able to choose to do their job or not. This would leave many holes in the scheme of things. 
 Once an angel choose free will they would fall from grace and their light because that would mean they could no longer do their job effectively. Once we leave the light we loose our energy that fed us and we would fall into depression until we find a way to feed ourselves with light.

My experience as part of this light was dull to say the least. I didn't have to worry about anything because there was no worry, no sadness, joy was bathing in light which was joy yet joy without understanding of what joy was. This was why i had so much trouble with understanding emotions even though i could feel them and have them myself. They seemed dull yet overwhelming at the same time. 
Living in the light was and will always be where i want to be. I have my duty, yet i can choose to do it now, even though i do it anyway. many times i have recited that old addage "duty before self", it has been my mantra though i know even before i came to be human i wanted to stick to that. It may seem harsh to an outsider yet it makes perfect sense to me. 
 We live in bondage yet not knowing that keeps order on the reasons the light bore angels in the first place. It is for us to keep the dark at bay not destroy it, as well as aid others selflessly. This does not mean we will help if the help is against the grand design, thus why free will should not have been given so loosely to those who could upset the balance of this universe.

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past lives

Past lives

The temple of Isis.

The temple was not very big as most would have thought. Only girls were allowed inside the temple unless it was a very special person. It was a great honor to have one of your children serving in any temple in those days. The family that had a young girl chosen would be treated with more respect and given better earnings for their jobs. 
The children would be selected around the age of 4 to be taken into the temple to learn about the gods as well as meditation. Those who were especially good at their learning would become a priestess around the age of 12. Once one became a priestess they would be in charge of teaching the younger ones as well as bring offerings in from the gates. The gates had two sets of doors with a small outdoor area before the doors to go outside the temple grounds. One was never allowed to leave the temple once inside because it was thought that outside the walls were impure.

I had just woke in this new body and was about three years old. I was in a work house for children that had no families. While walking past the gates of the temple someone bumped into me and I found myself face first in the ground at the feet of a priestess. She took pity on me and took me in as an offering to the goddess. The moment the high priestess laid eyes on me she sent me into training to become a priestess. It was very un heard of for one so young being part of the order let alone chosen to be one of those who would be chosen to be high one day. 
Every night before sundown we all would gather to eat bread and drink sweetened water. After the meal as the sun sank into the world all were required to meditate till there was no light left. Late at night the walls seemed to hum with a vibration that was otherworldly. 
Once I was seen to have mastered meditation and the arts of divination I was allowed to start learning herbs with the high priestess and greeting the Pharos (pharos were actually the women head of households not the "kings") that came to worship the goddess. The Pharos came to ask for fertility and the wellbeing of their households. Some came for universal news of famine that could destroy they way of life for the lands. 
Gods would come down and grace the temple with their wisdom. Only those who were worthy were allowed to set eyes on these gods. They would sometimes choose a priestess to ascend with them (which often times meant sexual connections as they viewed virgin priestess vessels for the goddess Isis). 
A great famine happened and many died then the plagues came. Death was everywhere and even the temple was not spared. Offerings stopped coming in and we were starving to death. The younger children went first as they were not as strong as some of the older ones. I can remember the smell of death that filled the halls of the temple. Though I do not remember my death there I do surmise starving was the reason. 
I never got to meet Isis myself yet the high priestess often times would say she visited, telling us what to pray for next. It seems to me that this strange place was partly connected to the gods yet it was more of a way for the Pharos to connect to their goddess in a way that made them feel much better about their own rolls in the life they lived. 

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Living in Love and Truth

Living in Love and Truth

Take your place but, envoy of the Source
By Mieke Vulink

Hey you, lovable man! You know that there is a rain of blessings to you ready, just because you as a unique representative of the Divine Source here and now are on earth?
Do not give up huh, even though the processes are sometimes so heavy!
What do you still need to continue on this path, in which love and truth will lead you to the life that your Higher Self has in store for you?
Only your way is the best for you

Dare to go their own way, and do not compare especially. It is not intended that you will be as it is different. Or that you're going to do what the other does. The idea is that you all will YOU!
It is from human understanding does not grasp how big, loving and powerful we humans really are. But deep inside you knows that, and you suspect your potential.
Yet it is almost familiar to us not to be able to that potential. We are more familiar with that which holds us to really be able to stand in their own life-fulfilling.

Look fear a look in the eyes, that makes you more wise it might not be true what your heart tells you. Know that fear is always associated with something old. Sometimes whispering, "But what if it is not going to succeed me?" Or "Is it clear what I feel?" Or "What if I get scuttled again?"
Perhaps you're struggling long with what will keep you still in your smallness. But you wear it the power in you to jump out of the limitations of three-dimensionality!
Love and Truth you will point the way. Do dearly where your beautiful heart beat faster and go deeper open. Gun and give yourself all that you just know that it will nourish your true essence.

out of the comfort zone
Become an expert in Self Love

Oh what is an outdated mindset, that Self Love would be selfish! This is an old trick of power, which has worked very self-undermining. He has served to get us out of our own authority, sovereignty and power. He has developed yes-men, followers and herd behavior. Thus, the temporary target affected, namely to take us on an inner astray. Gradually, we have our Divine origin, and thus forget our self-worth. We are at the Source and gone with our higher self from. We have become seekers and survivors. Behold the beginning of the long journey densification and duality.
But hip hip hurray: the journey has begun! Collectively reach minded hands. We affirm and encourage each other to rather rates to Self Love and their own inner wisdom, which reconnects us headed straight to the source.
A carpet of Love to the world

With Self love you give yourself, and thus the world, just the best from yourself! Self Love gives recognition to your light, wisdom, soul qualities, courage, strength, resilience and love. But also your anxiety, pain, fatigue and struggle, and your anger, frustration and despair. This makes it self-evident that all your soul parts still can not descend or on earth can emerge. Self love has here every judgment from and allows you to work on it from gentleness and trust.

Imagine how beautiful would be the world if we all here as pillars of Light, Love and truth will be in connection! In this gigantic powerful, transformative field will all finally be able to run our tears. Let them flow, both the bitter tears of nostalgia, loss and pain we carry in our human existence, as well as the crystal joy tears of joy and connection. They will clean up all the old wounds, and a new crystalline carpet of Love lay on top of the world in which we all can land safely.

Follow your own truth, and not another

Go without any compromises for your higher truth. You're trying to realize your true Self. What is true for another, may not be true for you. What is subservient to another, your need for development not to be meaningful.
Each person has their own way to truth, which is in the form may look completely different from the neighbors.
We all have our own history and their own personal filters for love and truth. As we better understand who we are, those filters are adjusted and changed our needs. Maybe you also notice that you get a lot more need for silence and contemplation. To self-reflection and moments to admit what is in your inner world.
Go past the pictures

More and more we are going to respond to what, and where necessary a moment for us. You will be challenged to release you there from the outside world. You'll catch yourself in thoughts like "soon they find me anti-social" or "soon I get rid of everyone." Precisely these opposing forces will make you aware of the fears that you still carry within you, and how attached you are to the approval of others.
Remember that it will always give comments, if you choose to release you from the lower fields where the ego is still the boss. People will always have their own standards and platelets stick you in a lower field of consciousness life, from their small inner scope. The stronger the incentive to be even stronger in your own back!
Truth or programming

You are ultimately the only authority that determines your way through life. Dare while trust your own truth? Your destiny is in your heart and is indeed deeply programmed into your own DNA.
What course you like it, wherever you are, whatever you do or think: life mirrors you immediately what you send as truth about yourself. This may well be an old mistake from the ego, where you temporarily trapped. Then you get a confrontation that you want to wake up from "Hey, who's this, who does this or think? Is this really true? And this loving towards myself, whether this is from an old programming? What does it take to get loose again here? "
Life reflects your 'I'

The more you practice this, the more aware you will discern a moment or something from a lower or higher part of yourself. In the higher fields duality has no grip on you. Works there another magnetism that attracts what supports your Divinity and is based on unconditional love. Highly sensitive people seek in essence always more to these crystalline fields, because fijnbesnaardheid healing works for any disharmony that exists in creation.
What "I" you take the day; Your soul always attracts people, situations and fields that resonate with them. They will bring you exactly what is in bondage at that time to your process of self-realization.

penguin heart
Do not dare to know more

And, oh what is liberating: You do not all know how things will go! You do not know what your future life will look like in the form on earth. You can all do not even know, because you have stepped on a new path where the duality constraints less, or no more grip on. Your future is created under your feet moving, following the flow of life.
With each new step you're going to put toward a more loving version of your life, your Higher Self will send can go take control. If necessary, the Light World will adjust; this is after all about your life as an emissary from the Source! If the ego is there to interfere, or to smuggle, then you will get this fine hair on your plate. It is then up to you whether you want to pick it up, by feeling and change. If so, then it makes sense to let yourself flip. But do this only by someone who a few steps ahead of you and wearing a bright light in a loving heart.
growth Time

And if you really just do not remember, and it feels as if the hand brake is on your life? Then you have 99 out of 100 times to tackle an old personal part. A blockade that accrued between your ego and your Divine Self is entered.
Welcome to the world of secured grille! You're certainly not alone. Stuck has an important function. It actually indicates that it is time to go inside fireplaces. There you discover some more hidden, but essential parts of yourself. Often, it is difficult for those parts to be able to be at all here on earth. They are often the fijnbesnaardere, highly sensitive parts. They feel vulnerable and are therefore difficult to emerge. They do not account for anything hidden in a harsh society that about irritating, busy, crowded, rude, was quick and loveless for them.
It can be very beneficial to have just 'stay indoors'. A pearl indeed needs the protection of the oyster to grow.

Surviving judging and crumbs Love

Each no-ism, afweerder, coward and braggart in doing ourselves a huge appeal to our Self Love. They are ever caught got into an earthly drama, which is caused by a lack of love, wisdom and safety. We all know the survival mechanisms that we ourselves had to learn. We adapt to the conditions, we were able to hold our ground in a loveless and much verdichtere world than where we come from. We have created egos who learned to settle for crumbs Love, with demands, judgments and restrictions. Egos as a protective coat were to hard and insensitive world around us. But because we lived only a very small part of our true potential and essence!

Are you tired of constantly linger in the margin of your own life? Wish you have to deal with everything in your lives right on stand call turn the page "HERE I AM, and only the best is good enough for me!"?
It is mainly a question of yourself unconditional Love, yourself dis-cover, all-ways, transform and unlearn.

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 75
The old unlearn

Unlearn? Yes. Deeply programmed into us are many old thoughts, behavior and mistakes, which can be traced back into the nucleus to traumatic fields. The primal separation of the source, and therefore unconditional love and our own Divinity, has beaten deep wounds. The thick coats of ego had us to protect those wounds out.
The Bible has a word later introduced the world with far-reaching consequences: "original sin". Thereby running most of us still around with feelings or thoughts that we have not done anything. Therefore we are knocked out of the source, and / or that the source has let us down and our fate. Or that we have the Source itself backs on that we do not need the source in order to have it good here and / or source that we are no longer worthy.
The trauma in field

These mistakes have proved fatal, and sit and emotional trauma memories stored deep in the collective human pain dual field.
If no source or God is more, where do you find that Love, that you know it exists, but you still have not been able to find on Earth? Where can one go when on earth no one understands you, nor can console into your deepest pains? Who can give you more than answers to your most passionate about life? Who will free you from your prison then really cold and loneliness, which you sometimes - seems to be ruthless to your abandoned - despite all the wonderful higher wisdoms?

In times of need, we have proved very resourceful. Our ego has invented all sorts of impressive roles, costumes and masks, and impressive mental constructions devised to survive. We are so accustomed to this ego-frames, that we survive but the old-tricks in ourselves are not so lost. More about this can be read shortly in the two-part series "The ego trip to Love", which will appear on this site.
But gradually, the time really has come to stand face to face with our own dressing closet and structures, and everything to throw out what we no longer need more.

The good Henry

Some of us have, and unconscious reaction and a kind of desperate attempt to above fall, the good Henry roller pulled out of the closet. Hoping to be "good enough" to be allowed to return Home again.
These people are going extremely helpful and obedient behavior. They are going to do their best, will act so sweet and socially responsible as possible where they have put themselves humbly in last place. Subconsciously they are going to base their behavior on the belief (which was not knowing the source, but a belief that we have been led to believe) that they have committed considerable sins. The church, and subsequently also the society, it is ingrained in them that they therefore have fallen from divine grace.
Heritage of the Church

Many of them wear unconsciously still a loveless noise of dogmatic religions themselves. For them, it is particularly difficult to free himself from 'that goes'. They are accustomed to adapt to what is expected of them. It is to believe them that they had to listen to any more-knowing authority outside himself. Deep down they hope that they will finally be seen in their good intentions. The Gods will now surely have given notice that they have learned from "their mistakes? They will do everything for the Love Field, they thought they were "not worthy" to be found again. If necessary to recoup.

crystal shield
Highly sensitive Crystal Children

In many highly sensitive, gentle people, we now recognize the Crystal Children. But it's barely a generation ago these people as "too sensitive" were put away. For them, the brave Hendrik a fairly safe role that they could keep themselves in a world of shortages of true love, a bit on the leg.
In many more suffer from the yoke of the Church previous centuries they had and the associated moral upbringing.
If you come highly sensitive crystal child on earth born early, you have a lot to overcome. In order to survive you had to almost have to be obedient and docile to endure the lack of understanding and true love. Or yourself should withdraw into a private, imaginary world. A crystalline world of sounds, colors and smells of the compound persisted in the world where you came from.

In our generation, we are happy to recognize and acknowledge the highly sensitive New Age Children. They carry a high Love Field and unity consciousness within. Wise and conscious parents receive them unconditional love and security, allowing them to better incarnate, to be able to continue themselves and can stay connected to their higher, finely tuned skills.
You've done nothing wrong

Feel yourself at once; Do something even they (unconsciously) the approval from above? Honest in all of us somewhere a brave Henry. Which played no role in your present life, which is probably still somewhere around at the scene of a previous life.
Know that this was part of the earthly survival range. It could offer us experiences in duality that needed our soul. With this survival behavior we have experienced many variations that are associated with a small ego.
But also realize that this game really can and will be terminated: you are indeed love itself! The source has not uitgeknikkerd you and is not somewhere far outside yourself. The Source is in YOU! You are a wonderful, unique expression of that source, the earth needs you with all your Love and Light.
Breaking free of duality

How do you break it, if you're here recognizes what? How do you separate from the programming yourself that you "have to do well?" Realize that do not exist mistakes and sins, they are a figment of powers that wanted to keep us in their grip.
Give yourself approval, instead of you goes out to wait that comes from outside.
There are only experiences. By seeing through it, and the awakening of our conscious being, we come back to the deep knowledge of the presence of the Source in ourselves.
Our soul has had many experiences necessary duality to (re) discover who we really are in our innermost being. Any judgment on what is still there is a judgment from that duality. This has never, ever been a judgment from the Source, because there exists only unconditional love!

The insurgent rebel

On the other hand, there are among us who have come to puberty and rebel. The moral straitjacket imposed on us is what is in them a deep protest awakened. They have rolled up their sleeves and entered the fight with rules and dogmas. They are just going to do everything and go try out "what God had forbidden. They have sacred cows overturned and have gone beyond all possible limits. They have challenged the gods and all the commandments and prohibitions lapped at their boots. And when they noticed that they were still standing and again came out as the victor, they were the more encouraged in their ardent desire for freedom and self-determination.
You had to behave

This behavior is in our society too much. It's just like the good Henry, a reaction to what has emerged from the lower earth matrix. This matrix holds us captive from our old personality into a kind of slave behavior. Many of us are unwittingly still stuck there.
From the rebel was expressed the great lack of love and the imprisonment in a world that did not support them in a "rebelling against. The original life forces that are present in every human being were so slowed down that they called a deep backlash. Especially during the past 2,000 years, everyone who was not added to the "Christian laws" condemned by the church and society.

past experiences

Many of us remember this, the following could end your own truth. If you could not confirm to what was imposed from the community often had banishment or death.
This has led to all kinds of violent experiences. Where the brave Henry himself did confirm and lost his strength and self-esteem, the rebels have often sacrificed their lives during the conflict with all that was to lie outside them. They became more and more an outsider. Usually, this trip ended in frustration that they eventually lonely and with nothing left behind. Far away from any recognition and connection with love.
In this setting were true, the pluses and minuses of a 'too big' ego be discovered, but the end result rarely brought what they had really wanted inside.
Go for truth was dangerous

If this game had been played, and also look pale expect the stake or the guillotine at the end of the ride, the deeper questions emerged. "What have I done? Why am I being punished? I did not do anything wrong? "
Still bear many of us have a fear in itself which can be traced back to past lives. The memory says "Oh dear, what awaits me again now I've gone to my truth? Who can guarantee me that it did not awry? "

Do you recognize yourself in the rebel, or you know that you came to Earth with a similar function? Should you be confronted with old fears, know that this is another time when you will not be judged on your 'different'. Cherish especially the connection with what you deeply inspires!
Indigo children: awakening the wake of shakers

Around the turn of the century there are many Indigo new children come to earth. They have a lot of aspects mentioned above, and through many lifetimes 'dyed in the wool'. They are awake shakers who dare to stabbing their head above the parapet. They are the brave heroes who do everything to expose what is not true in their experience. They are driven by a beautiful, inner, divine firepower, going as Truth, they continue around until they have their own form found here on earth!

Met by loving arms

Who or what you are ranked: Nowhere judgment fits! Because both the brave and the bold rebel Henry acted from one inner drive: True Love to find and make available to any fellow creature.
The good news is that in the higher dimensions only true love and wisdom exist. Imagine all your old selves but comfortable; all "prodigal sons and daughters" are there met with open arms.
(Incidentally, for those who were born in the last century and these roles recognize the painting by Rembrandt, and the book by Henri Nouwen on the Return of the Prodigal Son as a balm on the wounded soul).
Dare to be unique as co-creator

In short: We all wait for a festive welcome home, any time of the day. Put the doors open every day for all your parts because they are all valuable. Replace your own imprinted judge "I'm not worthy 'by a much larger, loving truth about who you really are.
You are a very unique divine creature. There is no one who can embody a similar reflection of the source as you carry within you. As you know, there is only one!
Honour therefore every intention within yourself to be the wish to contribute to a new world, through Love and Truth, and only have to go completely Love yourself.

Do not settle for less

Your heart has the ability to distinguish true love from each surrogate version. Remember however that you just can trust over there, and take a lesser form of love not settle!

You will be amazed by the enormous intelligence, direction and guidance of your higher self, divine self and the Light World. They will make every effort to all of us to Truth About to guide ourselves.
The wonders include the world by far not yet out. In fact:
You'll be more and more miracles and grace witness, as you know beats the dual earthly dust of your wings. Feel that you are free! Nothing can stop you on your flight to your un

Mieke vulink

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Two vital energy resources if you are highly sensitive

Two vital energy resources if you are highly sensitive

If you easily feel others' emotions than two things are very important:

to let go of what is not yours so that your emotions and energies that you can lose've picked up during the day others again;
you keep your energy in yourself.

That second point is often forgotten.

Often we are very focused on the other person and what we feel the other. The key seems to lie in shielding or protecting our energy so we feel less of the other either in the immediate release of what we feel that we are what we feel equal to lose again.
Dealing with what you feel from others

There are many ways to better deal with what you feel from others. The important thing is that you are well grounded that you know what others feel right back to give to the earth. You can do this when you notice that you've picked up something from others, or at fixed times of the day (eg when you come home from work). I use a combination of both because that works best for me.

In temporary situations, for example if you unexpectedly have to deal with strong emotions of someone else, you can optionally set up a protection: you become very aware of your energy and as a shield keep the emotion of the other 'outside'. However, this takes a lot of energy, works only if you are well grounded and is not intended to be used continuously.

Eventually, you learn to be yourself so hard that you know what others feel, you feel no resistance and also affects equal lost again. It remains no longer 'stick' or hanging out in your energy. You feel it, but you do not bother.
Keep your own energy together

Dealing with what you feel from others is one half of the puzzle. Keep your own energy together and in yourself is the other half of the puzzle.

Many (high) sensitive people with their energy everywhere and nowhere. They are constantly what is happening around them, who are around them and what the people around them feel, think and say. They are actually much more involved with the other than himself.

If you are anywhere and everywhere with your energy then you run very fast empty. This often manifests itself in fatigue and a sense of vulnerability. Like every little thing from the outside you can throw off balance. And that it can also sometimes. It is also a huge energy drain and it can feel like you're through all your energy at the start of the day (and then you have the whole day). I know the feeling and it is not pleasant. Fortunately, you can do something about it.
A comparison…

Think of a glass of water. The water here is a symbol of your power. If you have water in a glass, you can do something with it. You can drink it. It is held together and thus you can use it.

If you turn a glass of water creates a large puddle. Water is everywhere and nowhere, like you're everywhere and nowhere with your energy. You can not drink the water, you can not. Because it is no longer together, you can not use it anymore.

The same happens with your energy. If you can keep your own energy to yourself then you are like the glass of water. You got yourself together, you can use your own energy and you walk out empty. You have no energy leaks. The moment you are still others with your attention, your time to your glass, you spread your energy and walk empty. Or something more subtle: for example, if you're still in one person with your attention you create a hole in the glass and running your energy slowly away and you feel at the end of the day empty and uitgeput.HSP - it- importance-of-peace
How do you keep your energy together?

Energy follows your attention. Bring your attention outward, then your energy with it. To keep your energy together is important that you:

- Are aware of the size of your energy. Your energy is like an egg around you, to an arm's length away from you on all sides. This is actually quite a large space, and that space you can fill up all of your energy.

- Are aware of the limits of your energy: where you stop and the outside world begins. That limit is if the glass where the water is in, as long as you stay within that limit your energy, you are not empty and you have access to all of your energy and strength.

- Withdraw your energy lines. Imagine that you all lines of energy (attention) are outstanding from your body. For example, you still think the conversation with your boss yesterday, you worry about your mother and you are actually still half your attention to your child at school. All these things create an energy line between you and that person or situation. That energy lines may be revoked.
An exercise:

Try it: close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and observe where you stand your energy. What comes to your mind? Maybe you see the power lines. Maybe you become aware of where or with whom you have your attention. Then imagine that you retract all that energy so that all your energy back to yourself.

The first time doing this exercise, it can be an intense experience. You have, as it were 'deferred maintenance' leaving to retrieve a lot of energy. But if you make this a habit than it ever small adjustments that you need to do. You can then continue to better your attention and energy on yourself so you have fewer problems with what you feel from others. You have more energy and attention on the here and now and you can keep better balance. Irene Langeveld

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Highly sensitive and exhausted? Stand up for yourself!
You become exhausted by your little children, your job and your household? Almost overwrought? If you are highly sensitive is it for you or difficult course.

You're tired, but hey who does not. You're in a slump, but oh well that everybody sometimes.

Are you tired of your sweet little noisy children? All those other mothers can do it ... If you feel that way will not change anything. But if it feels like you can break off at any time, and you continue to try to continue, no one sees what you need and you will therefore get no help.
Probably sue you there on demand but you do not really help. So no one can see how high you are. If they find that you nag. Or they give you all kinds of tips that will only feel like criticism. How your environment reacts to you may well be a reflection of how you feel about yourself. Like yourself that you should not whine and just need to organize better?
Sometimes you see things only clear if you just exaggerating.

What if you had a muscle disease rather high sensitivity, or 8 children instead of two now, or asthma instead of fatigue, you would ask for help? Would you help? Not if you keep yourself trying to keep going. If you radiates, "I can do it" (I have to be myself) then you get no help because everyone thinks it will be easy. Also, if you complain every day because heck complain we all do. What else you need to talk about ...
Why will not you see for yourself that the limit has been reached, that you really no longer maintains NOW?

Does it feel like failures? Shame? Slap? Appoint? Lazy? Something in your subconscious cries for help, you need rest, or attention. And says something else in your subconscious: Do not appoint, go! You must be this! You are alone, tired of the two voices in your head. Can you highly sensitive are you?
How long do you keep up? Until you really breaks off?

Perhaps it is more convenient to draw any sound the alarm. Make sure that something changes. Not by anything to shout to your partner, but going to sit quietly at the table. Make a list. Streep things away. Make sure you divide tasks better, make sure you get a real free afternoon a week, making sure you get help, take a maid, a nanny, spent ironing, gardening or other jobs out. And make sure you bet and your revenue are in balance. If you have enough appreciation (or money or free time) get for what you do, you can much more.
Whatever changes are necessary, you need to take care of it themselves.

Because it's your problem and you are the only one who is desperate for a solution. Many women are accustomed to say what they need, and then go down to wait for the other it gives them. But as long as you can last the other person has no reason to trouble about. If you keep complaining until someone comes to rescue you, you can continue to complain very long.

So heel itself the decision: Now it's time that something changes! Stand up for yourself.

Jackelien Cerrone

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The spiritual heart

he spiritual heart
By Guest Author


The spiritual heart

It happened in the morning. During my waking from deep sleep. I woke up, everything was silent in me and a profound peace was palpable. Suddenly I saw and felt a thought coming up from the right side of my chest. This went up to my head and poof ... there came the thought. Gone was the silence. I knew at that time, but I had discovered the spiritual heart. I noticed that after I was under a kind of "hypnosis". It was not quite a hypnosis because I could see it. And I thought, hey, I've discovered something very important. What is that place on the right? I knew intuitively, this is how everyone wakes up every day and every day ends up in the trance of "thinking". From that moment I was alert. Alert on how energetic thoughts arise and make a route in your body.
This energetic perceive I converted into a concrete image you see above in this blog gets. For years, I got to see an image of three hearts were connected, but I did not understand this. Until I discovered the heart to the right and fell the last puzzle piece in place.

by Tamara Brook
The spiritual heart, the "missing link" in the ascension

Not much later I was given by someone on a YouTube video of Ramaji a spiritual teacher from San Diego. I decided to watch the video and to my surprise he described exactly the experience I had weeks before. So there was no such thing as the spiritual heart! I thought at first that I had noticed a chakra or discovered something I had not felt before. My interest was piqued. This was particularly. This is what I wanted to investigate further and I asked my guides to help me in my research. They have answered this request for help in the form of experiences and insights. And some of these insights and results I share in this blog. Since the discovery of this spiritual heart is so special. Why is there so little information on the Internet? And why hardly anyone speaks about this? The great world teachers do not? I asked the Ramaji, his conclusion: because they do not yet discovered this or have experienced. Many deny the existence of the one true heart. And that's a shame.
What is the spiritual heart?

The Spiritual Heart is our true essence and ultimate true nature. It is another name for the "Radiant Self". The witness of both the "mind" and the universe as well as the inner and outer dimensions. An ascension process has many stages and the final stage will discover the spiritual adult Hridaya, the Spiritual Heart. Heart inside the heart.

Inside the ancient spiritual traditions, the reference to the heart is not a reference to the physical heart or the heart chakra. It is a reference to the heart lotus (Hrid-padma), and it is the seat of the ultimate Transcendental Self. They call it Hrid or hridaya. It is also called the secret cave. The spiritual heart is to feel the right side of the chest. As the spiritual heart awakens and amrita nadi The spiritual heart (see illustration, the line from the heart to the head) is illuminated you feel a slight tremor, a very refined vibration. In some cases, such as me, I experienced prior to this severe heart rhythm disorders. The awakening of the heart changes your biochemistry and is linked to the energy and chemistry of Kundalini. Kundalini leads to enlightenment and complete opening of the crown chakra and goes through sushumna nadi in the spinal column. The activation of the spiritual heart leads to relief of amrita nadi. Nadi literally means "power." They are channels through which consciousness flows. Full opening of the crown chakra is not the final stage. I have seen and experienced that there are at least two crown chakra activations thereafter.

The ultimate reality is transcendent and the essence of All. Through this Heart disappear the separation between subject and object, the observer that what is perceived and the act of perception. It is also absolute freedom and spontaneity. Awareness and realization of the heart leads to the direct and immediate knowledge without thoughts, it integrates all energies and at the same time reveals the ultimate transcendence. The spiritual heart is a point of inflection. It is the deep peace of the infinite emptiness. It is the source of all creation. The source from which all energies arise. It is therefore seen as the source of immortality. The spiritual heart is not the same as the heart chakra.

According to some tantric traditions is the heart chakra just one level or dimension of ours. Within an ascension process is the heart chakra important. It connects the lower self with the higher Self, but the spiritual heart is much more than this. The spiritual heart is not just a spark of God, the spiritual Heart IS God. Atman (the spiritual heart) and Brahman (the Absolute) are one. It is through this Heart born unity consciousness. There is only one heart, there is only one absolute reality. Only the ultimate Self. That is the understanding of Hridaya. Stabilize in this sense can feel equally strange. Strictly speaking it is not really self-realization, which can be realized if Self is all that there is? Also there is a huge cleanup of "old energy". If you ask me what is the spiritual heart is my answer: it is God in you. It is the place where God dwells in you. This is how it feels and I this is the best way I can describe it.
The spiritual Heart and Amrita Nadi

The "I-am-the-body 'thought is the root idea of ​​any subsequent thoughts and determine how we perceive the world (usually dark colored). This thought keeps the illusion of separateness in position. Thoughts come from the heart, rise to your head and take possession of the nervous system and body. The result is that you are in a trance, a contraction. You perceive is colored by thought and you find yourself in the illusion of separateness. This is something you can investigate. It requires a clear and alert presence. It's catch the thief before it enters your home and at the door. The best time to do it is right after waking in the morning. At the time amrita nadi (the channel between head and heart) is lit, spring thoughts still from the heart. However, the idea is now following a different route (see figure). This rises to her head and falls as it were apart. The thought does not cause a trance and has lost control of the nervous system and the body. The symbol is the Golden Wreath. The halo which stands for lighting. The light of the Absolute, suns light of thousand.
discover through the Traditonal path Hridaya

According to Ramana Maharshi is the divine atom of the find yourself right from the middle of the chest. Here lies the heart, the dynamic spiritual heart Hridaya and it is clearly visible to the inner eye of an adept on the spiritual path. By, among other meditation you learn to find himself in the Cave of the Heart. Although this is for people with a strong "I am this body 'identification could not work out well. Some spiritual teachers will advise against this because it just could strengthen the identification with the body. Ramana Maharsi stresses that this heart itself is neither inside nor outside the body because it is the ultimate reality. One can discover through research that the "I" thought (I am this body) arises from the heart to the right and finally returns to the heart. Self-examination may lead to the discovery of the heart. Need more background information than Sri Ramana is a good source of information. Many of his texts and books are free to download. The book "no mind - I am the Self" goes very deeply into the spiritual heart. The writers are Sri Lakshmana Swamy and David Godman. Ramaji wrote down his experiences in the book "The Spiritual Heart".
discover through the intuitive path Hridaya

However, there is also the intuitive path. That's how I've discovered Hridaya, "by chance". Coincidence, of course, does not exist but I had never heard of the spiritual heart, and yet I discovered this one day and intuitively felt that it was important. Obviously this self-examination preceded, a spontaneous awakening Kundalini (clearly related to my feeling is Hridaya to Kundalini) and the dark night of the soul. I was prepared for the discovery of this without that I wondered: how a thought? Who appears this idea? I walk as a medium and Gatekeeper not really the traditional path although I've studied the old masters and have received guidance from some "traditional" enlightened masters. So it is possible. After realizing this heart I'm going to ask me aware when there came a thought: where this idea came from? And every time my attention was drawn to the spot on the right. When I went to investigate further the place I noticed the subtle vibration. The joy. If you want to discover this heart is the traditional path of "self inquiry" does not necessarily suitable for everyone. Choose that which you as it were, is naturally drawn to. The knowledge I pass on and part from their own direct experience and in alignment with the light dimensions. What my guides show and experience me. That is clearly the path of deep feeling, energetic perception, intuition and experience. That is the path to which I feel most attracted me and I share my knowledge and experience, not in the same way in the heart meditations and heart awakenings and healings I give monthly.
Various forms of knowledge and know and cosmic wisdom

Thinking collects information in order to come to "know". And that knowledge, I noticed very limited. Heart "knows" through surrender, trust and above all joy. Knowledge of the intellect is linear. The knowledge of the heart is right, it is holistic, comprehensive (non-linear) and reveals non-duality. Multidimensional experience, know and feel is non-linear. It is to open the Multidimensional Self. For me Hridaya means the opening to multi-dimensionality. Cosmic consciousness. Immediately cosmic knowledge is activated. There is a new paradigm born from the Galactic Heart and this is among other anchored by the sun in the Earth heart. The changes in the sun have not gone unnoticed for many. The changes in the new earth frequencies either. Whether you believe it or not. It's palpable. We are in a special time with special features. Let's learn from the old masters who have gone before us and honor them but wide open to new infinite possibilities associated with The New Earth and the star seeds galactic and cosmic wisdom to share directly from the Source of love for humanity, the earth and in servitude. May all wake up in this light. There is only one heart.

"My pardon Search in the Heart. I will dispel the darkness and show you the light. This is my responsibility. "

Source: Bhagavan's Promises

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Empathic Illnesses: Do You Absorb Other People’s Symptoms?

Empathic illnesses are those in which you manifest symptoms that are not your own. Many patients have come to me labeled “agoraphobic” with panic disorders, chronic depression, fatigue, pain, or mysterious ailments that respond only partially to medications or psychotherapy. Some were nearly housebound or ill for years. They’d all say, “I dread being in crowds. Other people’s anger, stress, and pain drain me, and I need a lot of alone time to refuel my energy.”

When I took a close history of all these patients I found that they were what I call “physical empaths:” people whose bodies are so porous they absorb the symptoms of others. I relate because I am one. Physical empaths do not have the defenses that others have to screen things out. As a psychiatrist, knowing this significantly changed how I treated these patients. My job became teaching them to center and protect themselves, set healthy boundaries, and let go of energy they picked up from others.

To determine if you are a physical empath take the following quiz.

Quiz: Am I a Physical Empath? 

Ask yourself:

  • Have I been labeled as overly sensitive or a hypochondriac?
  • Have I ever sat next to someone who seemed nice but suddenly my eyelids got heavy and I felt like taking a nap?
  • Do I feel uneasy, tired, or sick in crowds and avoid them?
  • Do I feel someone else’s anxiety or physical pain in my body?
  • Do I feel exhausted by angry or hostile people?
  • Do I run from doctor to doctor for medical tests, but I’m told “You’re fine.”
  • Am I chronically tired or have many unexplained symptoms
  • Do I frequently feel overwhelmed by the world and want to stay home?

If you answered “yes” to 1-3 questions you are at least part empath. Responding yes to 4 to5 questions indicates you have moderate degree of physical empathy. 6 to 7 “yeses” indicate you have a high degree of empathy. Eight yeses indicate you are a full blown empath.

Discovering that you are a physical empath can be a revelation. Rest assured: You are not crazy. You are not a malingerer or hypochondriac. You are not imagining things, though your doctor might treat you like a nuisance. You are a sensitive person with a gift that you must develop and successfully manage.

Strategies to Surrender Toxic Energy

Physical empathy doesn’t have to overwhelm you. Now that I can center myself and refrain from taking on other people’s pain, empathy has made my life more compassionate, insightful, and richer. Here are some secrets to thriving as a physical empath that I’ve learned so that it doesn’t take a toll on my health.

A Survival Guide for Empaths: 9 Strategies To Stop Absorbing Other People’s Illness and Pain (from The Ecstasy of Surrender)

  1. Evaluate. First, ask yourself: Is this symptom or emotion mine or someone else's? It could be both. If the emotion such as fear or anger is yours, gently confront what's causing it on your own or with professional help. If it’s not yours, try to pinpoint the obvious generator.
  2. Move away. When possible, distance yourself by at least twenty feet from the suspected source. See if you feel relief. Don't err on the side of not wanting to offend strangers. In a public place, don't hesitate to change seats if you feel a sense of “dis-ease” imposing on you.
  3. Know your vulnerable points. Each of us has a body part that is more vulnerable to absorbing others’ stress. Mine is my gut. Scan your body to determine yours. Is it you neck? Do you get sore throats? Headaches? Bladder infections? At the onset of symptoms in these areas, place your palm there and keep sending loving-kindness to that area to soothe discomfort. For longstanding depression or pain, use this method daily to strengthen yourself. It's comforting and builds a sense of safety and optimism.
  4. Surrender to your breath. If you suspect you are picking up someone else’s symptoms, concentrate on your breath for a few minutes. This is centering and connects you to your power.
  5. Practice Guerilla Meditation. To counter emotional or physical distress, act fast and meditate for a few minutes. Do this at home, at work, at parties, or conferences. Or, take refuge in the bathroom. If it’s public, close the stall. Meditate there. Calm yourself. Focus on positivity and love.
  6. Set healthy limits and boundaries. Control how much time you spend listening to stressful people, and learn to say “no.” Remember, “no” is a complete sentence.
  7. Visualize protection around you. Visualize an envelope of white light around your entire body. Or with extremely toxic people, visualize a fierce black jaguar patrolling and protecting your energy field against intruders.
  8. Develop X ray vision. The spaces between the vertebrae in your lower back (lumbar spine) are conducive to eliminating pain from the body. It’s helpful to learn to mindfully direct pain out of these spaces by visualizing it leaving your body. Say goodbye to pain as it blends with the giant energy matrix of life!
  9. Take a bath or shower. A quick way to dissolve stress is to immerse yourself in water. My bath is my sanctuary after a busy day. It washes away everything from bus exhaust to long hours of air travel to pesky symptoms I have taken on from others. Soaking in natural mineral springs divinely purifies all that ails.

Keep practicing these strategies. By protecting yourself and your space, you can create a magical safe bubble around you that nurtures you, while simultaneously driving negative people away. Don’t panic if you occasionally pick up pain or some other nasty symptom. It happens. With strategies I discuss in my book to surrender other people’s symptoms you can have quicker responses to stressful situations. This will make you feel safer, healthier, and your sensitivities can blossom.

(Adapted from The Ecstasy of Surrender: 12 Surprising Ways Letting Go Can Empower Your Life Harmony Books, 2014 by Judith Orloff MD)

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Serious problems from improper functioning or blocked chakras.

You have already heard something about chakras. Yet few people know but the consequences of poor performance. Here's further explanation.

Chakra is like a trunk-like vortex
In practice, I explain using examples that chakra is similar to emptying the tub or sink. If the stop goes out you see nothing but feel the suction. After a while you see a trunk-like vortex direction well. While the water flows towards the well will air in the opposite direction. There is an open connection which is actually two directions uitstroomt.Zo works even with a chakra. A tornado-like spinning vortex of subtle energy that connect the layers around us with the deep-lying organs in our body. Invisible, for a layman impalpable

The spinning energy wheels are usually found on the midline of the body (front and rear) with a distance of about 7 cm apart. (If you want to know exactly then is the ratio between tip of your nose and the tip of your chin distance between each chakra)

Since most energy and information from the outside enters through the chakras, these items are extremely important for the balance within the energy system of the body.

Milky Way
There are countless chakras in our body, most knowledge about the seven main chakras. There are hundreds of different visions are about. So I read a book that our top chakra is located in our Milky Way and our ever-lower into the earth itself. Sounds very intense. Well, who knows, I know (now) not.

What I have experienced is that to make the front chakras with feelings, the rear with the will and the top with the mental. And chakras can do PAIN !!! Sensitive or highly sensitive people feel more and more pain. This can sometimes some mistakes may result.

Arthur called as a client of mine, if he could come right away. He thought he had a heart attack in the car. Panic, palpitation, sweating, stuffy and especially chest pain. He was unable to continue driving and was taken to hospital by ambulance. In the hospital they could not find anything and sent him home. If I could do for him.

The first thing I noticed was a blocked heart chakra. From experience, we know when the heart chakra is locked, emotionally something serious is going on. In many people has to do with the disruption are rejected in love, both by a partner or by parents.

Never confirmed in love
Arthur played this role. He lived not so long together and tensions had arisen around the child of his girlfriend. He felt that he was third on the sideline and his girlfriend lost. His parents had never confirmed him in love and now the panic was so great that automatically shut the heart chakra. Possible to prevent real damage to the heart itself!

running again
The treatment meant that we energetically chakra again were flowing. He felt exactly how the heart chakra reopened. He sighed with relief and tears flowed freely to much heartache. Arthur also understood that the unprocessed part, no confirmatory love vanzijn parents formed the basis of his primal panic. It is fortunately not come back.

Embarrassing and uncomfortable
Rik came from 49 years (as many) with abdominal pain. Rumble in the belly, especially right after eating. He told me all been through the mill to be and that they could not find anything. He referred all inquiries to the hospital, some very embarrassing and uncomfortable. However, he should be happy. No scary things, but the pain remained. It was suggested that it was between his ears. He believed that not, after all, it was in his stomach. He pinpointed exactly where it was and he pointed to a chakra!

weaken Abdominal cramps
With him was the second chakra (below the navel) locked. Inquiring how it actually went with him. "He was actually survive." He had no challenges for life or more fun in his life. And sex? No, that was a long time gone. Immediately during the opening of the closed chakra Rik felt weaken abdominal cramps. A feeling of space and flow, the tightness over.

However, Rik was advised me not to take milk a while to get his bowels to rest. Many sensitive people react wrong on these products. Also advised to activate their creativity, which helps to keep a second chakra strong and healthy.

Surprised at the rapid change by chakra healing, he came back after two weeks. It went well with him. His intestines were quieted and the pain was gone. An in-depth conversation had brought him so much good with his wife. He had another meaning in life.

Toothache without dialing
That teeth chakras have been virtually unknown. So Tara was advised by the dentist with me in practice. She had severe toothache, long time. The dentist had done everything he could. She was mad and he. By necessity, succumbed to their pressure, the dentist pulled the healthy tooth. But the pain remained! Incomprehensible, toothache without dialing. She now thought of phantom pain!

Pulse, a rhythm
A dial deal with, is not a common technique. It is part of foot work from the Cranio Sacral art. Armed with that knowledge, I went to work at the place where once there was a tooth. To my surprise, I felt a pulse, a rhythm followed by an extraction motion. As if the election there was once pulled out. The client was stunned during that treatment, she finally felt the pain draw !! What I saw was a mini chakra of the former choose which began to turn again. Apparently that was the culprit. Tara has her pick out back, which is not but she is out a new experience and for good from her toothache.

Contrôle of chakras
It's for people sensitive to the difficult sometimes excruciating pain they feel to distinguish. As long as no subtle movements can be measured in the regular circuit, a contrôle of chakra will on alternative way more than meaningful. Even if there is nothing regular found by us has much to achieve.

Do you also have something unexplainable? Come once for a test of the functioning of the chakras.

For lovers some theory about the chakras

All chakras rotate in the same direction and clockwise. They should all be about the same size (both front and back), then there is an ideal situation, balance and harmony. Takes a chakra not closed or counterclockwise then the chakra is. Chakras vibrate each on a different frequency and because colors that make them are associated with labels.

Chakras can be disrupted in various ways

• They can rupture
• may be damaged Enveloping low
• Revolving movement can be blocked
• Rotation may be too slow
• Point chakra is not exactly in the core
• An IUD can stabbing out like a blown feather
• The entire chakra can be damaged or any part thereof

• First chakra; (Red) is between the legs, is connected with our will to live, vitality adrenal glands and kidneys. Problem areas: Back pain and stress, bladder infections, burnout, chronic fatigue, arthritis phobias, cancer, rheumatism, hemorrhoids.

• Second chakra; (Orange) just above the pubic bone, represents sexuality, feed the sex organs, immune and creativity. Problem areas: sexual problems, AIDS, Menstrual Problems, survive i.p.v. life.
• Third chakra; (Yellow) behind the navel, energy for the stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen and nervous system. Is associated with intuition and who we are in the universe, how we relate to others and take care of ourselves. Problem areas: callousness, critic, keep away, apathy, heart disease.

• The fourth chakra; (Bright green grass) represents love in the heart. It provides us with heart, circulatory system, thymus, upper back and the vagus nerve (vagus nerve) of energy. Problem areas: high blood pressure, heart problems, fear of rejection, jealousy, racism, excessive attachment, cara, dementia.

• The fifth chakra; (Sky Blue) throat, speaking the truth, giving and receiving, for the sense of hearing, taste and smell. Energy for the thyroid gland, the bronchi, lungs and the digestive tract. Problem areas: throat disorders, thyroid, mouth, jaws, gums, parathyroid, lungs, neck and hypothalamus, whiplash.

• The sixth chakra; (Indigo) located on the forehead and head. Energy for the pituitary gland, brain, left eye, ears, nose and nervous system, facial senses. It is connected with conceptual understanding (insights), intuition and propagating the rear part with ideas and accomplish. Concern: fear of silence, possessiveness, attachment.

• The seventh chakra; (White) sitting on your kruintje energy to the cerebral cortex and the right eye. Here you will experience the direct knowledge and pure joy. Connected to the integration of personality and spirituality. Problem areas: disgust and anger towards God, bitterness, are excluded.

Ria Feskens

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intuitive giftedness and psychosis susceptibility

i was reading this,i think intrest,

intuitive giftedness and psychosis susceptibility

How do you prevent your gift becomes a burden
By Patricia Akkermans

psychosis sensitivity

With intuitive giftedness I mean in this article a very high degree of sensitivity. Someone who is intuitively gifted may moods, moods, feelings, energies and observing other forms of life that are outside the normal sensible. To explain, I sometimes say that one can see through the veils of different worlds. This quality is also described as having extrasensory perception or paranormal sightings.

The transition between intuitively gifted and glued are labeled from psychopathology may be a sliding scale. Sometimes it just lies in what society tells you that you have for example, contact with the dead, can feel a person's health, or hear voices talking to nature spirits. In some cultures is not at all uncommon. But denotes a Western white psychiatrist or psychologist than as deviant and abnormal behavior can be seen. What is seen is therefore normal and abnormally strong cultural bepaald.psychosegevoeligheid

Sometimes I ask myself sometimes wonder how many people sit in psychiatry who actually have a passed form of intuitive giftedness. As with any quality can follow this, with too much of it, by shooting to a negative form. When these people that the quality of intuitive genius can become a strain in which one contact with reality is lost. For example, they have been given a psychosis.

A psychosis is a mix of different symptoms such as delusions, hallucinations, problems with attention and memory, motivation problems and depression or mania. It is a spectrum of more and less severe complaints. People at the far end of this spectrum is known as schizophrenic psychosis in the regular psychiatry.

In my practice I guide people intuitively gifted and sometimes sit at the beginning of the psychosis spectrum. They are familiar with mild symptoms of psychosis sensitivity. My experience is that good can learn to cope with psychosis sensitivity.
What characterizes intuitive giftedness?

The chakras and their color not the characteristics of intuitively gifted people is that the crown chakra very open so they pick up a lot of extra (Judith, 2008). You can compare it to a mega-satellite dish. Imagine that some people have such a dish as it were, on their heads. Intuitively gifted catch with this dish extra information. While this information to others is often not visible, it is present. The amount of information you can pick up with your dish is huge. You must learn to distinguish between true and false information you 'dished' gets.

"As above, so below" Hermes Trismegistus said in antiquity. I mean in this case that you above also have a kind of mainstream media, load may be a hoax or distortion of information. You're up too intrusive 'reporters' that can bother you. You can learn to dose the amount of information and you may or may not establish certain stimuli.

You have been given a special gift. If this intuitive gift is not accompanied by a solid grounding and a certain sobriety, then things can go wrong in times of inner stress and / or pressure from outside. Too high sensitivity can result in the loss of your sense of reality. You get lost contact with your body and your life here. You become over-stimulated and overwhelmed. Someone who is very sensitive and poorly grounded in that case may develop a heightened sensitivity psychosis.
When your gift is really a burden?

Hearing voices, by getting information or seeing people that can not be perceived by others is problematic if your voices, images or feelings are no longer the boss and they control your life. For example, if you feel that you no longer have the control get in your own home or if you're nasty commands you want to run out. Or when you constantly have the feeling that there is gossip about you. Or when you can not regulate the flow of information more making your life becomes disordered.
Psychosis Sensitivity What can you do about it?

You can develop resistance to psychosis susceptibility to master. That is a process of trial and error that you partly learn under the guidance of an expert. If you have learned to recognize signs of psychosis increased sensitivity to yourself then you can take timely measures to control yourself in. The following five suggestions may help you with this.

♥ Someone with increased vulnerability has much to gain from getting to know well and monitor their own emotional boundaries. Will you stay inside then you have less chance to shoot. Recognize your intuitive giftedness and take enough rest to handle things is very belangrijk.psychosegevoeligheid
♣ good learning ground and remain grounded in your body helps, for example, by learning to breathe consciously and deeply. The more you open crown chakra, the firmer you must be grounding and better to be in touch with your body. Compare it with the big dish. That is top-heavy, a solid base is necessary to remain standing.
♦ Learn to say no to vote or thoughts. One of the first things that people with psychosis increased sensitivity to learn is that they themselves are always in control of their bodies and their home. It is possible to learn how to take back control.
♠ Learn how to express emotions. Heavy (worrisome) thoughts can take on a life of its own and will sound like voices that speak to you. Under these heavy thoughts are emotions you might have not recognized. Expressing emotions, verbally or in another creative way to get the pressure off.
♥ Find people with whom you can talk about these observations and with whom you can share.

To summarize, it is important to examine where your vulnerability lies and your resilience. Thereby making your big chance to solid ground to keep under your feet.

Remember everything that you're not crazy, you're a limited edition. Your manual is therefore not standard, you can be your own maken.psychosegevoeligheid


Patricia Akkerman
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(God)Dess Rant

Hilo, what do you think? is it good this neighborhood?

I think so, just got to get use to the circumstance of being alone, no longer lonely, but still alone, still looking for Home, waiting to experience that flash of insight the knowing, that I'm here and I'm finally Home at last!

Like a blast from the past I extend all masks and Be, for me is I and I is me. Notice me, notice me! damn you. You know I can hear you speaking your tongues at me instead of with, You pith. I have a gift of gifts of gifts......Bliss!!!!!!

I want to give you kisses but I'm not sure how to ask, I just fantasize instead, it goes to my head, sometimes I feel dead, I'm going to bed, wake me up when we are wed, just kidding it's not my bed time yet.

Early risers go even higher, are wired, are not tired, are wiser and brighter than a gyser glowing in the midnight sun.

I can be this which you ask of me, golly gee willickers It's not just you, I ask this of myself all the time and with no time in sight. I dont fight, no I'm not a fighter, I understand the inner workings of creation and destruction, It's not a problem, either one, it just is, the All abiding truths that lay scattered through all the different sects, creeds, institutions, cults and religions.

They say this belief system is the way the light and the truth but I tell you the truth is many. They are road maps to our souls journey through space time, through infinity and eternity. The race began a long time ago but this past century, people have come to realize you can come in any place. Yes, we still have some growing up to do, all of us, but you know what? That's ok.

Time is unity and space is stillness or serenity. We have all the time and space in the world to be what's right, fair and true. It's a matter of seeing the connections, how everything connects to everything else, being creative and destructive, creative, we paint, destructive we consume energy. It's just beautiful and I love it so, honest to (God)Dess

...I wish You Bliss, Namaste~the (God) Dess as who I AM knows the (God)Dess as who You Are...

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I notice many people including empaths use symbolisms. I have really not used them or trust them fully. Does anyone understand why we would feel the need to use them?
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Astrology and Empaths?

Hello everyone! Please bare with me if my questions seem uneducated. I am new and trying to figure out where to start.  But I am so excited to hear the opinions of others! 

Do you believe the type of empath you are can be related to what asrastrological sign you are? If so what examples or expieriences with it can you share? 

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Finally Figured Out How To Do This!

Hurray, I finally figured out how to post to the blog! I probably won't do so very often, as I have my own blog. I just wanted to say hello and share some updates.

I finally got around to creating my Tarot Readings page.

The Otherworldly Love page has been updated.

I am very much missing my best friend, who departed this world on his sixth birthday due to kidney failure. I will always love you, Lafayette. I miss you terribly.

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Coin of the Realm

if the video doesn't appear, just reload the page! enjoy!

Author of Why is this Happening to me Again? For more information please visite

i ran into this very insightful video when i was first starting my spiritual journey. i was at a point in my life where i was ready to just give up. the chips were down and boy, was i very down. then i discovered this video and i realized that, after watching it many many times, why i was so unhappy. for some reason, i was choosing unhappiness and i was doing this to myself. everything is a choice and i was not choosing to me happy. i was choosing to live in fear and negativity.

there is a line in this video where it says "there is only one problem in your universe and you're it." at first, i was so insulted by this comment and then it slowly dawned on me that, yes, i "am" the problem in my universe. in all of the situations where i encounter people, i am always the constant.... the only factor that is in common with all my other experiences.

i am posting this video here as my first entry to share with you all so that you may also gain some valuable insight.


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This is My Universe. The Theory.

Jotted Down one of my Claircogniant ditties. :D

When I tell you "This is my universe." I hear you say, "What an egotistical, self centred and narcissistic point of view."

However this is not the classic "The World-is-mine" complex. It is the opposite. The "world-is-mine" view point is ego driven. Where only "I" matter and therefore no one else matters. The "This-is-my-universe" view point encompasses that I am all and all is me. So because I matter all matters.

Here we resign that my stream of consciousness has been put in charge of my version of reality, to create what ever I like with. Because other is me and I am other. I can attract to myself what I need through others by attracting the most useful version of them to myself.

The most useful version may not be the nicest version but it is the version that will be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing, in the right way, to result in my desired outcome.

But how do we experience connection without also experiencing separation? By understanding that each stream of consciousness is in the same position. Creating a reality that for this purpose, in this space, and this time, has chosen to run parallel to one another and not completely absorb one another, allowing each of us to keep the illusion of separation.

"This is my universe" is truth when I say it, but also truth when you say it, and always truth no matter who says it. This universe is yours. Can never be true no matter who says it, because 'this' can only refer to the version of reality being experienced by the speaker, therefore the universe will always belong to the speaker.

This is my universe.

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Love this

I love this place already! Thank you Gary for this great site. Feels nice to be able to keep up and stay in touch with everyone. A... home.. to be able to breathe and be myself kinda thing, yes love it! Even though i do struggle to be online at all at the moment as i will be moving soon (iiiiihhhhhh!)

Crazy how much stuff there is under one roof! My home is a big ostacle course of boxes and more boxes, i even swapped my bedside table for a box!

     So while im walking around packing stuff, my baby boy is crawling after me dragging everything out again (his fav game at the moment).

Today it's been raining all day... horisontal cuz of the strong wind and i can't help but love it!! The fall is just great with all the beautiful colours and the wind blowing. When i was little i used to love to listen to the wind blowing through the forest, making a kind of banging noise *booom... booom* almost like thunder, i miss that sound.

     Another reason to like the fall is that the cold gives a great reason to light candles, lots of them.

Take care all of you! <3

Just felt like i had to throw in a picture here



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