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Welcome to the Empath Resource and Community Website.

The one stop shop for the new and advanced Empath.

This is our gift to the Empath Community. A place to be and know you are NOT alone. 

Nested under the tabs, you will find:

The Psychic Empath Blog - discusses what it’s like to be an empath, the paranormal and the dangers and solutions of those who are highly sensitive people.

The Empath Support FB Group - With over 13,000 members, this is a great resource for connecting and getting support from other empaths. 

Spiritual Chatroom- a room of synchronicity for those who seek answers.

Empath Resources -
Information for Empaths- takes you to the "Empath Resource Site" where there is general information on what an Empath is and on Bach Flower Remedies for Empaths  

The Empath Guidebook- A free e-book for the beginner and advanced Empath.

Member's Area- You can create your own profile, blog, add to a forum or upload photos. You can also befriend other members.

Empath Support YouTube Channel

We explore many topics that are useful to Empaths. More videos coming in the future.

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Empath Support and Psychic Secrets

Psychic Empaths Blog

Empath Zone Podcast #3 – Angels and

This week, we discuss the hierarchy for angels and demons and how it works.Filed under: Empath - Traits of, Podcast Tagged: angels and demons, empath, empath podcast, empath zone, Podcast

Best Spiritual Apps with Personal Advisors

We’ve rounded up the best spiritual apps that connect you to personal advisors for Android and iPhone users. As 2016 came to a close, many of us felt a bit relieved that a new year is coming. And it has come. This year is full of promise, hope, rebirth, and new opportunities when it comes […]

Psychic Burnout – How full is your well?

How full is your well? Empaths and psychics often love to give readings, help people and just generally make the world a better place. When we are starting out, it’s exciting and we want to practice our abilities. We might offer readings, healing or act as a medium to those who ask for it. What’s […]

House of horrors

This blog is part of series of my personal stories that I wrote many years ago. If you read it, it will be out of context. My mother had these reoccurring nightmares for many years about a large house somewhere in the country. On Tuesday and Thursdays, there were certain rooms that it was a […]

Is this a class A type EVP?

Filed under: Empath - Traits of, EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) Tagged: evp, EVP Class A, ghost voices, ghost whispering

Feeling drained? The Bach Flower Remedy ‘Wild Rose’ can help.

Empaths suffer from being drained by others quite often. Fact is, they are very vulnerable to not only people draining their energies but also entities that have gathered around them. The manifesting of being drained can appear in several ways. Your limbs feel really heavy. You feel emotionally and psychically drained. You feel a strong […]

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